Why kids’ films are the best!

Why kids’ films are the best!

Films for kids are great. We don’t talk about it enough, but films aimed at children are often so much more fun than the ones for adults. These are the reasons why I believe this is the case:


  1. They pretty much always have a happy ending. Not only this, but the endings are heart-warming and make you feel fuzzy!
  2. When you’re stressed out or having a down day, the last thing you want to do is watch a film filled with drama and tension. The best cure is a cheery kids’ film that will make the world seem so much better.
  3. They are filled with a great sense of nostalgia. Old children’s films will take you back to when you used to watch them as an actual child; reminding you of a simpler, easier time.
  4. There are always new kids’ films coming out, so no need to worry! Whether it’s brand new films to try out, or sequels to films you loved when you were younger, there’s always something new on offer.
  5. They’re often as well-written and clever as films for adults- you just have to find the message under all the jokes!







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