HCAU Review: Thor Ragnarok

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HCAU Review: Thor Ragnarok

As a huge Marvel fan, I thought it was only fitting to go and see Thor: Ragnarok in its opening week. Can we just talk about the trailers and movie poster that had us excited for about a year? Seriously, the movie poster is stunning and portrays the fun and colourful sets that feature in the movie.



Director Taika Waititi did an excellent job combining Norse mythology with plot and action that we have come to know and love from Marvel. Following Thor, we find him and his mischievous step brother Loki under the threat of Hela; the goddess of death in her conquest to rule Asgard. Featuring old and new characters, we really get to see into the character and personality behind the green monster that is the Hulk, rather than the personality of Bruce Banner (yay). The film puts Thor and Loki in another universe from their suffering home, with their only task to save it. Hilarious entertainment, colourful sets and down-right epic fighting scenes combined with an amazing soundtrack make, arguably, the best Thor film and one of the greatest MCU movies to date. Full of humour and the obvious chemistry between the characters we are guided through the story in the most impressive way. The film has an old school kind of aura because of the stunningly colourful yet enticing graphics combined with the soundtrack that makes it seem like the whole plot is some kind of 80s video game. The long-awaited glimpse of Thor truly becoming the God of Thunder is amazing and as epic as it was hyped up to be from the trailer where we see him surrounded with and channelling lightning. Honestly, the movie was a great addition to the series of one of the funniest and more interesting Avengers, and gave us a totally different perspective of the Marvel Universe, without any spotlights on the Infinity Stones and impending doom that veers on the horizon. However, the movie still manages to get everyone hyped for Infinity Wars as we’re desperate for more action, sarcasm and wit that always comes along when the Avengers assemble. I can’t recommend Thor: Ragnarok enough and encourage anyone who wants to have a giggle and see Chris Hemsworth (umm YES!) portray the amazing Thor as he fights to safe Asgard and steal all of our hearts to watch it.


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