What Looking for a Job After College is Like

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So, you're a college graduate now!

Feeling on top of the world!

But when your parents ask you about your "career" plans, you’re like,


And your parents totally aren’t amused...

So when your mom tells you that she’s not going to support you a few months from now, it just feels like:

But you try to act like you don't need their support, like, hey:

Except you know your "job search" is pretty much looking like:

And, basically...

When your grandparents come to visit, you really just want to be like,

Because, truthfully, you feel like:

But when you do ask them for some money, they’re just like,

THANK GOD you finally get asked to called in for an interview at one of those random jobs you applied to online. Now you're like:

But you go out and celebrate a little too hard the night before your interview, so you’re not exactly in your best form when it comes time to make a good impression...  

And you kind of say all the wrong things…

And your interviewers just look at you like:

Soooo... you scr*wed that one up big time and you leave feeling a tad hopeless...

When your parents ask how it went you’re all,

And then they pretty much give it to you... 

Now you're thinking to yourself...

OK, no. You won’t let that happen. You PROMISE that next time you’ll be better prepared...

And, surely, when it comes time for your next interview, you’re like,

It's clear you rocked it this time, because your interviewer’s like,

So you walk out of there all

Now it's time to get psyched and ready for your first day...

Your mom is so excited that you're growing up, she's like,

Yes, welcome! You might be miserable at first…

You might not understand everything at first. Things may be a little bit foreign to you...


And it may not be as exciting as college...

But, really, it just takes some getting used to. You'll start to get the hang of how things work...


You'll establish a new routine eventually,

And, sooner or later, you'll be feeling pretty comfortable in this new working life of yours.

So go ahead...


College is hard. We make it easier!

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