These Genius 11- & 14-Year-Old Brothers are Graduating from High School and College this Weekend

This weekend, child prodigies—and brothers!—Cannan and Carson Huey-You are taking some big steps in their educational careers. Cannan, an 11-year-old, will be graduating high school, and Carson, 14, will be graduating Texas Christian University, The Washington Post reported.

Carson, who enrolled in 2013 at Texas Christian University (TCU), will be the youngest student ever to graduate there, Dallas News reported. The 14-year-old is graduating with a degree in physics and a double minor in math and Chinese.

“It didn’t come easily. It really didn’t,” Carson told KXAS-TV (NBC5). “I knew I wanted to do physics when I was in high school, but then quantum physics was the one that stood out to me, because it was abstract. You can’t really see what’s going on, so you have to sort of rely on the mathematics to work everything out.”

The little genius will begin graduate school at TCU in the fall for his PhD, according to Dallas News.

His little brother Cannan will shortly be following in his footsteps. The 11-year-old is set to attend TCU this fall to study astrophysics and engineering, the Post reported.

While their academic record is sure to impress, there’s a lot more to them than just their minds, their mom Claretta Kimp told the Post. At home, they play with their puppy Klaus, wrestle and battle the Dark Side in epic lightsaber battles.

“My boys have more social skills than most adults,” Kimp told the Post. “They are just normal little boys who do normal little boy things.”

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