Soon You're Going to Be Able to Text Starbucks Gift Cards to Everyone in Your Life

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Okay, this is seriously a game changer. Starbucks just announced that starting in April, you’ll be able to text electronic gift cards to your friends and family, according to Glamour. This means a lazy girl’s guide to gift giving just got so much easier. After all, if you friends aren't obsessed with everything Starbucks and coffee, then are they really your friends?

Aside from being convenient and easy AF for us customers, this move makes a lot of sense for Starbucks when you look at the numbers. According to Bloomberg, over a fifth of the coffee chain's transations happen through the app (Mobile Order & Pay, anyone?). The easier you make it for people to buy stuff with their phones, the more money is headed your way.

And the system will be super easy to use. If you’re lucky enough to receive a gift in your messaging app, you'll be able to use it right away. If you have self-control, unlike myself, then you can transfer your gift card to your Starbucks app and save it for later.

Now you can bequeath sugary caffeinated drinks to your friends for every major and minor holiday. Need a gift idea for International Cat Day (which is August 8, 2017)? What about your friendaversary? Just text them some coffee! Well, you aren’t actually texting them a café mocha. Although, that would be awesome. Hey, Starbucks—make it happen!


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