The Kind Campaign: Two Collegiettes™ Inspiring a Movement Against Female Bullying

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We have all experienced it in some shape or form; from the whispers in the hallway, to the jeering in the cafeteria and the laughing in the locker room. The Internet, which was once an escape from reality, has transformed into another outlet for anonymous bullying and hurtful messages. These are all common forms of girl-on-girl crime. Whether a victim, bully, or bystander, we have all been exposed to the dangers of female bullying. Unfortunately, girls have assumed negative stereotypes of being catty, competitive, manipulative, and downright  “mean” to each other. Two collegiettes™ decided they wanted to join together and end this shameful cycle of verbal, emotional, and physical violence. They began the Kind Campaign: a movement aimed at empowering females and encouraging them to be respectful and kind.  

Meet the founders

The Kind Campaign was founded by two collegiettes™ from Pepperdine University, Laura Parsekian and Molly Stroud. Both ladies have experienced girl-on-girl crime firsthand and want to prevent others from enduring the emotional pain of bullying.  

Lauren grew up in Laguna Niguel, Orange County and realized the power of documentaries while studying film at Pepperdine. Throughout middle school and high school she experienced “mean girl” behavior that left her stressed, depressed, and contemplating suicide. She decided that she would merge her passion for film with her desire to promote awareness of the emotional, physical, and verbal abuse that frequently occurs within female relationships.

“I truly hope that the message of Kind Campaign speaks to you, and that you know how special you are…I have confidence that through Kind Campaign we will all come together to create a community and an awareness that will change this problem,” said Lauren. 

Molly is from Dallas, Texas and moved to California to study acting, film and television production. Molly experienced being ostracized in high school and hopes to inspire people and transform the way they behave towards each other through kindness.  

“Being ostracized, criticized or ridiculed should not be considered a rite of passage, and it doesn’t have to be this way,” explained Molly. 

Lauren and Molly are excited by the opportunity to shed light on a serious issue that affects women of all ages. They hope to truly make an impact through the various and interactive aspects of the Kind Campaign and want to establish a national school program that will put an end to hate and truly “FIND KIND.” 


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