5 Things To Do With Clothes You Never Wear

It must be a girl thing. We seem to never want to throw out anything. Even though we will never have a prayer to fit into those 00 jeans again, we keep them. For inspiration for weight loss? For a glimpse of how hot we were before puberty? Who knows. It’s time to do some spring, er, summer cleaning, and transform your closet from one overflowing with clothes that don’t fit or were cute a few years ago to one that is full of clothes that are cute NOW and get enough wear to justify keeping. 


1. Sell them

Take your unwanted clothes to a thrift shop and sell ‘em. Before you head off, sort your clothes by season and style. Of course, check for stains or rips on your clothing, as those items won’t sell. Make sure your clothes are interview ready: cleaned, ironed and sharp.  Shop around and see which shops will give you the best rates (not all thrift stores are created equal). 

If you’re feeling ambitious and have a lot of unwanted clothes, yard sales are always an option. Advertise, sort your clothes by price, and wait for the money to flow in. Generally the rule of thumb is to price items around 25% of their original value, but go with your gut; you can always bargain later. 

One last option is eBay! If you’re Internet savvy and not looking to spend an entire day selling things outside in the heat, this might be a nice option. This way a huge consumer base can browse your clothes. Unlike a yard sale, however, you will have to pay a fee for each item you list and sell. 

2. Donate them 

Why not do some good with clothes you’ll never wear again? There are tons of organizations that accept lightly used articles of clothing. Find a Goodwill or a Salvation Army in your area and donate your clothes to people who need them. 

For items like suits or prom dresses there are excellent charity options. Dress For Success helps underprivileged women find jobs. The organization preps the women for interviews and provides them with a suit to wear to it! That’s where you come in, if you’ve outgrown any blouses, blazers or even professional shoes, visit and help a struggling woman get a job. 

DonateMyDress.org and Becca’s Closet will take your prom dresses, or dresses from any special occasion, and distribute them to women who can’t afford to buy them.  Don’t leave those formal dresses sitting in your closet, hidden from the outside world. Give them to women who will wear and treasure them. 

Julianne Grauel is a sophomore Professional Writing major at Carnegie Mellon University and is originally from the California Bay Area. At Carnegie Mellon she is a peer tutor for writing and an active sister in her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. This past summer, she interned at Gentry Magazine and hopes to work for a magazine after college. Julianne loves football, sushi, sunshine, and dance parties. She probably consumes far too much Red Mango froyo and can’t get enough of Project Runway. In her free time she likes to travel, watch sports center, take spinning classes and, most of all, shop.