SLIDESHOW: 17 Shirtless Campus Cuties

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Name: Frank Arcuri Jr. 
School/Year: Eckerd College '12
Major: Business Administration
Minor: Theatre
Hometown: Brightwaters, NY
Relationship status: Single

Three words to describe yourself: "Follow your nose."

Interests and activities: "I’m interested in most phases of data processing."

What is your favorite spot on campus?: "Kappa Field."

What is your dream job?: "Matador."

Celebrity crush: "Bar Rafaeli."

What is your idea of the perfect first date?: "Extreme fishing."

Most attractive quality in a girl: "Her smile."

Least attractive quality in a girl: "Negative attitude."

What would you do if you won the lottery?: "Test people’s dignity by
seeing how much it would cost them to do something they swore they
never would, or are against."

Boxers or briefs?: "Fig leaf."

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