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The Hottest University Guy in Canada: Our Search for the ULTIMATE Campus Cutie

Posted Sep 28 2012 - 9:20am

Since Her Campus launched in 2009, our collegiettes have gone crazy for our Campus Cuties.

Every day (and often many times a day!), we’ve featured the best, brightest and cutest from across the land, giving these fine lads the attention of their friends, floormates, teammates, family and you, complete strangers on the internet.

While in the past we’ve grouped them by sport, choice of clothing, even with animals, we’ve never called one the cutest of the cute… the hottest of the hot… the best of the best.

Until now…

Your job over the next few weeks is to help us find “The Hottest University Guy in Canada” also known as “The Ultimate Campus Cutie.” To the victors go the spoils, including all suitable bragging rights, Her Campus swag, a photoshoot on, a trophy proclaiming their newfound status and the opportunity to compete against their American and British counterparts for the world title.


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