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Over the past few weeks, collegiettes everywhere fell head over heels for a Canadian cutie in Montreal, dreaming of him as they cast their votes for the Hottest University Guy in Canada.

Lo and behold, those dreams became a reality as Avi Rush from McGill University picked up the most votes and won the title of the Hottest University Guy in Canada.

Excited to get to know our winner up north a little better, HC got up close and personal in a one-on-one with Avi. Read on for the exclusive interview with America’s Hottest University Guy in Canada, Avi Rush.

HC: How does it feel to be voted the "Hottest University Guy in Canada"?
I’m actually really shocked. I’ve never won anything like this before, and to be honest, I’m sure there are other university guys in Canada who deserve this title much more than me. Thank you to everyone that voted for me. I appreciate the generous compliment.

HC: When you were profiled by Her Campus McGill back in October, you mentioned that you were in a relationship. Are you still in this relationship and if yes, what does your significant other think of your big victory and newly claimed title as the Hottest University Guy in Canada?
AR: We’re still going strong. I just took up her up to Mont Tremblant for the weekend for our one-year anniversary. I believe her exact words when I asked her for a comment were, “Obviously… I know he’s hot. Back off bitches”.

HC: When/how did you know that you had been nominated and what type of support did you have on campus?
AR: I didn’t know I had even been nominated until I received the email congratulating me on the award. I suppose I must have had some support on campus, although I didn’t know about it until right now.

HC: What would be three words you'd use to describe yourself?
The hardest question to answer in any job interview. Probably not what I’d say there, but I’ll go with passionate, happy and…  whipped.

HC: If anyone could play you in a movie, who would you pick?
Paul Rudd. He’s a great actor, and I really liked him in I Love You, Man.

HC: What is your major and what has been your favorite class to date at McGill?
I’m majoring in Accounting. My favorite class has been either Introduction to Computer Science or Intermediate Management Accounting.

HC: What are your guilty pleasures?
I like to read, I’m a closet nerd. I also really like cheese, and chocolate.

HC: Care to give a victory speech, or statement?
I would not have taken anyone on the date described in my previous profile before meeting my girlfriend. She’s my inspiration, I love her and I would not be the guy I am today without her. Thank you for recognizing the tremendous work she put into me, which made me the kind of guy that might have a chance of winning this competition.

Are you crushin’ on Avi? Even though this cutie is taken (paws off, collegiettes!), you can still nurse your crush and vote for him as he moves on to compete for the title of The Hottest College Guy in the World – The Ultimate Campus Cutie.  Check back this Friday, January 18th when Avi matches up against The Hottest College Guy in America, Matt M., and The Hottest University guy in the UK, Matt S., and only two will move on … 

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