International College Guys Tell All About Dating

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We’ve all heard what American college guys think about relationships, but what about boys from other countries? HC sat down in a London pub with a group of cute guys from all over the world to discuss their views on love.
1. What do you like in a girl?
“Nothing really specific, but I tend to pay a lot of attention to her sense of humor.” – Mark, University of Melbourne, Australia, 22.
“A unique personality is a must, I also pay a lot of attention to how a girl dresses—not how expensive her clothes are, of course, but how she presents herself to everyone. A girl’s fashion choice says a lot about her intelligence and the way she perceives herself.” Raj, University of Melbourne, Australia, 21.
“I like girls who share interests with me. A lot of people say opposites attract but that never really worked out for me; you need enough differences to keep it interesting, but it’s always attractive when she genuinely likes the things I like.” –Anonymous international college guy

“Extroverted personality, confidence, a beautiful smile.” –Sebastian, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, 22.            
“Long, dark Spanish hair, and a great laugh.” Alvarro, University of Madrid, 18.
2. What are some turn-offs in a girl?
“Leggings! Please, make sure your top is long enough. Also well-endowed girls wearing super low cut tops.” –Raj, University of Melbourne, Australia, 21.
“No one likes prude girls, but there’s a fine line between confidence and sleeping around too much. A lot of girls nowadays try to take sex more casually for the sake of feminism and whatever, but honestly it’s just not very classy, at least for me.” –Giovanni, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, 23.

“Girls who hide their intelligence. Don’t act like a bimbo just to prove you are not a nerd, stupidity is not attractive. Girls who are well-read and knowledgeable about ‘guy topics’ such as science and politics and stuff are hot.” –Karel, University of Ghent, Belgium, 22.
“Fake British accents. Don’t even attempt.” –Josh, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, 19.
“Girls who say ‘like’ every other word.” –Mark, University of Melbourne, Australia, 22.
3. What are your thoughts on marriage?
“Not right now, but definitely eventually, maybe when I’m 30ish.” - Josh, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, 19.
“I don’t really understand guys who say they never want to get married. I think everyone will want to settle down eventually, even the craziest swingers. Most guys will get into a serious relationship when they meet the right person, some girls need to believe that.” –Adam, Universita degli studi di Ferrara, Italy, 22.

“Definitely getting married in a few years, life is not complete without building a loving family of your own. However, right now I want to enjoy life and pursue my personal interests.” –Jake, University of Beijing, China, 23.
4. What do you consider “cheating”?
“French people hug and kiss each other a lot, so aside from having sex, it’s hard for me to draw a hard line. It depends on the situation, and if you are in love, you will know it when you see it.” –Jean, Université Paris 13, France, 21.

“If the other person likes someone else it’s cheating for me. The difference between a relationship and friends with benefits is the emotional aspect, if you break that then the devotion is gone.” –Sho, University of Tokyo, Japan, 21.
“Anything intentional beyond kissing is cheating for me. People sometimes try to explain the situation, but that doesn’t make me trust them more.” –Adam, Universita degli studi di Ferrara, Italy, 22.
5. What do you want out of a relationship?
“At the moment, just some good company. I’m graduating from Uni in a year, so I’m not looking for anything too committed, but I am a serious relationship kind of person, and I’m not really sure if I approve of the whole casual but consistent sex thing.” –Sebastian, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, 22.             
“I just want to have a good time for now, really. I think I’m always on the lookout for a potential very serious, marriage-bound girlfriend, but I’ll only go for it if it just lands in my lap. I’m young, and I want to enjoy life.” –Adam, Universita degli studi di Ferrara, Italy, 22.
“People tell me I have different standards for dating. I don’t really put a lot of weight on physical actions, they don’t mean much to me; emotional attachment is rare and valuable at our age, and that’s what I value. It’s what sets a relationship apart from friends with benefits. I’m a bit cheesy, I don’t really know exactly what I want, but I’ll know it when I see it.” –Adam, Universita degli studi di Ferrara, Italy, 22.
“Honestly, most guys I know are looking to pick up (hook up). We’re not in Uni forever and a lot of people you meet in Uni you may never see again, so there’s no reason to commit unless it’s really necessary. Guys will hit on girls for both sex and serious relationships, and boys are generally bad at expressing themselves, so it’s a burden on girls to decipher what guys are going for. It sucks to be a girl if you look at it this way, but it seems to work for guys so no one will do anything about it really.” –Jean, Université Paris 13, France, 21.
6. What’s the cutest thing you’ve ever done with a girl?
“We bought matching cheap sunglasses at Claire’s and took silly photos. We were probably the only people over 15 in the shop, but we didn’t care and had a good laugh.” –Nicholas, Graz University, Austria, 20.

“I flew from Australia to England to see her on her birthday during her gap year. That’s a 24 hour flight plus 8 hours of train with three transfers, I wouldn’t suffer that over my dead body for anyone else.” –Mark, University of Melbourne, Australia, 22.
“We spent a week skiing and taking walks in nature in a cottage in the Alps together. I worked for a semester as a bartender to save up the money for our getaway, and she cried because she was so happy!” –Jean, Université Paris 13, France, 21.
“I actually bought one of those silly certificates and named a star after her. I’m generally really cheesy, and she loved it.” –Adam, Universita degli studi di Ferrara, Italy, 22.