The 7 Guys You Should Date This Year

A new school year means a fresh start in the dating pool at your university. There are new boys, boys whom you’ve been eyeing since last semester and boys who became miraculously attractive over summer break.  Being the hot collegiette you are, you’re probably a little overwhelmed with the amount of guys you have at your fingertips. Have no fear! We’ve created a master list to educate you on the types of guys you should hang out with and the best ways to ask them out. There’s no definitive right or wrong way to ask a guy out, but these tips are specially tailored to fit your potential beau’s persona.

1. The Teacher’s Pet

How to spot him

This is the guy who knows every answer to every question asked in class. He has every professor’s cell phone number saved in his contacts. He gets bummed out if he gets less than an A- on any given assignment. Pursuing The Teacher’s Pet is a great way to combine two important things in your life: school and boys. Who says you can’t have it all?

Your move

Grab a seat near him in lecture (but don’t forget to actually pay attention to your professor!). When your class is over and everyone is filing out, get his attention and ask if he wants to make a study group with a couple of other kids in the class. The study-group approach is a lot less aggressive than proposing a one-on-one study sesh and is a great alternative to simply pretending like you didn’t get that day’s notes. He’ll appreciate your initiative to do well in class, and it’ll be something that you two have in common right off the bat.

2. The Super Athlete

How to spot him

Whether he’s the point guard on the basketball team, the quarterback on the football team or the shortstop on the baseball team, an athletic boy is hard to pass up. Maybe it’s something about the dedication he has to his sport or his great sense of teamwork that makes him seem like a prime dating specimen. When he’s not at practice, you’ll usually see him sitting with his teammates in class or in the dining hall talking about — you guessed it — sports.

Your move

If you’re not well versed in the language of sports, don’t let that discourage you from making a move on him. Just because he’s obsessed with sports doesn’t mean that he wants to go out with a girl who’s also obsessed with sports. A good way to break the ice is ask him how his training is going and if there are any teams he’s especially excited to compete against this year. Showing your curiosity in his sport and giving him a chance to talk about one of his passions will really impress him, even if you’re not a super athlete (or even a regular athlete). Maybe he’ll suggest taking you to a quick dinner in the dining hall after practice sometime next week!

3. The Gym Rat

How to spot him

He might not play on any varsity (or intramural) sports teams, but you can always find him pumping iron in the school gym. He’s always drinking his protein shakes or lifting weights twice as heavy as you are. You’re not sure if he does anything else besides work out, because you’ve never seen him out in the real world or wearing anything besides gym shorts and a tank top. 

Your move

Try to approach him in the gym (duh), but make sure you don’t interrupt him in the middle of a set; that’ll just annoy him (not the best first impression). When you see that he has a free moment—maybe he's grabbing some water—go right up to him and ask him for a good workout for a specific part of your body. Don’t come on too strong and ask for a good butt exercise (that’s a little too aggressive); instead, ask for advice on a good bicep or quad exercise. He’ll be impressed that you’re into staying in shape and be flattered that you’re coming to him for advice.

4. The Frat Star

How to spot him

He loves to be the center of attention, he goes out five nights a week and he’ll be the first one to suggest going to the after-after-after party. Yet, somehow he manages to keep a 3.8 GPA and remain actively involved with the non-partying side of frat life. He’s always ready to meet new people and can have an interesting conversation with anyone he comes across. He’s the social butterfly who will bring you out of your shell and show you an unforgettable night.

Your move

This guy lives and breathes his fraternity, so the best way to get to his heart is through his frat. Ask him about any upcoming events his fraternity is hosting, like theme parties or philanthropy fundraisers. However, seeing him in his natural social environment is fun and all, don’t get us wrong, but you’ll probably want some alone time with this Frat Star as well. See if he wants to go on a one-on-one date to a local sports bar or café—nothing too extravagant. He’s a fun guy who would love to go on a casual date and get to know you better.

5. The Class President

How to spot him

Everyone on campus is convinced that this politics-obsessed cutie is going to be the president of the United States one day. Not only is he the class president, he’s also the president of three clubs, an active member of four student activist groups and the captain of the tennis team. He’s a natural-born leader who somehow knows everyone’s name on campus (yes, all 10,000 of them). Whether he’s taking charge of every group project, organizing events for the various groups he’s a part of or just leading stretches during tennis practice, this boy loves to be in charge.

Your move

To take advantage of The Class President’s sexy authoritarian attitude, give him a little ego boost and compliment him on one of his most recent accomplishments. Of course, any guy would appreciate a compliment from a cute girl, but The Class President will be especially into it because he lives to please his fellow classmates. You could also show him your support by going to one of his clubs’ or activist groups’ events. He’ll love a lady who is encouraging and shows interest in his passions.

6. The Hipster

How to spot him

He’s the mysterious guy you see in your chemistry class who’s always dressed to the nines in some pretty trendy threads. After class, you can find him in the nearest coffee shop with his portable record player, just doing his own thing. With his thick glasses and ironic graphic tees, there’s something totally cute and irresistible about him. You want to get to know the guy behind the Wayfarers and the knit beanie (worn for style, not necessity), and now’s the time to do it!

Your move

Since he prides himself on being the back sheep in a flock of white lambs, he’s not really a traditional dinner-and-a-movie kind of guy. You’ve always wanted to go to that underground comedy club downtown or hear that rock band who parodies the parodies of “Weird Al” Yankovic, and this hipster boy is just type the guy who’s always down for an exciting and new experience. He’ll be excited to check out some of the underappreciated talent and support local artists. If you’re lucky, maybe he’ll let you ride on the handlebars of his purple 1980s beach cruiser to and from the date.

7. The Recently Single Guy

How to spot him

He tried to make it work long distance with his ex-girlfriend, but it was just too hard. After being tied down for the past two years, this guy is single and ready to mingle! He’s jumping back into the new school year with a fearless attitude and is looking for the cutest girls to have fun with.

Your move

Although he’s looking to have fun, he might be a little wary about getting back into the dating scene, especially after a tough breakup. To help ease his nerves, take control of the situation and plan out the entire date beforehand. Taking the pressure off of him to plan your night out will most likely lead to him being more relaxed during the date and willing to open up to you. Whether you’re going to dinner and a movie or heading to a party together, he’ll appreciate not having to worry about the logistics of the date.

Like snowflakes, all boys are different and have special talents, hobbies and personalities. There are countless ways to go about asking someone out, but some ways might be more effective than others, depending on the guy. Also, this list does not include all of the guys that you can go out with. Rather, we’re listing the kinds of guys a classy girl like you should go out with. Notice how there was no Bad Boy or Hot Jerk? That’s because you should stay away from boys like that who are bad news. Instead, go for the nice guys with whom you would genuinely have a good time on a date. 

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