19 Ginger Campus Cuties


Name: Chris Bowden
School: University of Northern Iowa
Year: Junior
Major: Communications
Relationship Status: Happily taken!

Hobbies: Playing drums and piano, hanging out with TC, going to lots of events on campus, ultimate frisbee, writing and people watching in the Union!

Favorite Movie: Tommy Boy and Young Frankenstein are classics! But, I also love watching Inception.
How Would You Describe Your Personality? Most would say I’m full of energy, I’m usually bouncing from one thing to the next and my thoughts don’t always keep up with where I’m going next. I like to think I’m pretty friendly, and I love getting to know new people! I’m also still a child at heart, and love just taking moments to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.
Funniest Thing You’ve Done in College: Nearly all the funny moments from college so far have come from working with TC! Before one basketball game in particular, TC was getting ready to run the flag onto the court and was stretching and warming up. As I was standing next to him he threw out his arms and hit me in the face and giving me a very bloody nose. I had to run to the bathroom and try to trust TC to behave while I cleaned myself up.
Best Song to Jam Out to: I love all kinds of music, but right now there’s a special place in my heart for any kind of remix with a real heavy bass beat!
Favorite Weekend Spot in Cedar Falls: Spending time on Cedar Fall’s bike trails, or out at George Wyth State Park is an awesome place to go and relax!
Biggest Pet Peeve: People smacking their lips or eating with their mouths open. Yuck.
If You Could be a Celebrity for a Day, Who Would You Be? I would be Stephen Colbert. Who else can get away with making fun of some of the most respected, or disrespected, people in the world? (Besides John Stewart…)

This week’s Campus Cutie is the stud of the Occidental Quidditch Team and he like his women to be ambitious, “high-fliers” themselves. A brother of Phi Kappa Psi, this week’s Campus Cutie is Christian Kendall!

Name: Christian Kendall
School: Occidental College
Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Year: Sophomore, Class of 2014
Major: Chemistry
Single/Taken/It's Complicated: Taken
Usually Seen: DOING SCIENCE!
Campus Activities: I'm on the Quidditch team, in Phi Psi, and I work in the library as a Research Assistant.
What do you look for in a woman: I like smart, ambitious women. With healthy hair.
Ideal Date: My ideal date would probably be finding a great place to watch the sunset over drinks and fancy desserts.
Fav movie: Shawn of the Dead
Biggest Guilty Pleasure: It’s between Lol Catz and Buffy the Vampire Slayer…
Hidden Talents: I can open a bottle with my teeth
Celeb crush: Alicia Sacramone (Olympic Gymnast)
Awkward Moment at Oxy: Getting hit in the crotch with a broom. Not pleasant.

 Name:  Caleb Matthews   
School: Stetson University
Birthday: 08/22/1991  
Hometown: Nashville, Georgia  
Major: Molecular Biology (PreMed)
Minor: Chemistry  
Pets:  2 dogs (Cinder and Eli), 3 cats (Moe, Fluffy, and Sadie)

What you do on campus?  When I am not helping the elderly cross the street and pondering the wonderments of this day and age, I like to party. (After all schoolwork is done, of course)  

What is your favorite bar/club in downtown Delan?  Ace of Clubs, to cut a rug and perhaps have a dance off  

Favorite Stetson Memory:  Streaking across the soccer field  

Fav professor:  Dr. Peter May   

What do you look for in a woman? She must pass a three part patented approach to evaluating women: sane, single, and sexy.  In the order as they appear.  

Ideal woman:  Joy Behar  

Any Celebrity Crushes?  There is not a sexier woman on this earth than Carrie Underwood.  Carrie if you ever read this send me an email [email protected]. I believe we would really connect on more levels than one.   

Describe your perfect date:  Unplanned lunch on a Saturday afternoon perhaps in a coffeehouse or a restaurant.  We lose track of all that we were suppose to be doing that day and get caught up in one another.  Later, the restaurant kindly asks us to leave because they close shortly and we have been there for hours talking.  But time doesn’t matter to us.  So we continue the night with slow walks around the town sharing our aspirations and perspectives on the world.  In between conversations, we catch a flicker in one another’s eyes when we realize that in this world there are no coincidences.  I walk her home and, after much hesitation, we kiss goodnight.   

Top 3 pet peeves when it comes to girls: Okay, number 1:  Simply put, bad breath.  I can understand if your teeth aren’t perfectly straight and pearly white, but come on ladies with the onion-fried breath.  When I run into a girl with a ripe musty mouth, I cringe.  A little mouthwash here and some flossing there go a long way.  Oh and don’t forget to brush the tongue.  Secondly, not enough junk in the trunk.  Last but not least, a girl that can’t take a little banter every once in a while.  It’s just the biggest turn off when a girl takes herself too seriously and can’t laugh at herself.  Fun = Attractive     
Sport you love to play the most:  Futbol, the beautiful game.

What is your dream job?  Ice cream vendor  

Favorite song to work out to:  Britney Spears – Toxic  

Favorite Place in the world:  Sitting on the dock on a sunny day at the lake house with a cold beverage and a few friends.  

Fav restaurant: De la Vega in downtown Deland, sangrias and tapas

There's a good chance you'll find this Campus Cutie chillin' in the Mods or in the Bubble for lacrosse practice, but as one of the best fitness attendants at the Plex (seriously, if this guy closes, every weight is perfectly placed) you've probably admired this tall, freckled, and handsome man standing at the fitness desk.  Ok, actually, walking around talking to everyone in the gym, because this guy?  He knows everyone.  What's that?  You don't know Mike Slovak?  Well, in about three minutes, you will.  So read on and enjoy as today's Campus Cutie tells us about his spring break escapades and  his idea of perfect happiness (hint: you've probably been there).

Name:  Mike Slovak
School: Boston College A&S
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major: Communications & Theology

BC Life
Activities: Lax is a full-time job.  I led 48Hours once upon a time, and I TA.

Favorite Class: My summer study abroad class in Rome

Hardest Class: Real Estate Law

Favorite dining hall and meal: Hillside – Veggie Panini

Favorite study spot: Mod basement

Favorite residence hall: Mod 5a

Bapst/O’Neill: O’Neill cubicles just to read what people write on them.

Best BC Memory: Going to practice at 9 PM in the Bubble on a Thursday night.  Close second are some of the tailgates that I participated in for football games this past fall.  Distant third is seeing my roommate Chris Dearwester out there playing birdball for the Eagles.

One thing to do before you graduate: Figure out what the Jesuits do for fun in St. Mary’s on Thursday nights.
Just for Fun: Questions from Vanity Fair
What is your idea of perfect happiness? Who’s On First on Halloween.

What is your greatest fear? Being surrounded by a pack of wild Komodo Dragons on a deserted South American beach.

Which words of phrases do you most overuse? YOLO.

Which talent would you most like to have? More than anything, I would love to have the ability to stay injury-free for a full semester.
In ‘dream world,’ where do you see yourself in 10 years? Being the new CEO of Her Campus

In the real world, where do you see yourself in 10 years? Being a stay at home Dad with my three young children and two cats.

What is one thing you have to do before you die? Ask Michael Jordan about why he really retired in ’94.

Hobbies: Collecting CEO4Teens sunglasses.

Interests: Trying to get Chad Ochocinco to respond to me on Twitter.  I’ve been trying all year with no success.
Movie: Don’t Be a Menace in South Central while Drinking Your Juice in The Hood should’ve won an Oscar, in my humble opinion.

Musician: Troy Bell

TV Show: Blue Mountain State.  I’m a huge supporter of the way Thad lives his life.

Actor: DMX

Actress: Mrs. Ari
Spring Break
Go anywhere fun? I went to Punta Cana with a couple of my closest friends.

What did ya do? I put in a lot of work darkening my freckles and learning certain Spanish words that are necessary for survival in the country with no discernable rules.

Crazy stories… The whole place is crazy, but a few that my Mom might not call me to yell at me for saying: A friend of mine got kicked out of one of the fine late night establishments and proceeded to lead the hotel staff on a low speed chase through the hallways until he lost his pursuers.  Then he got into a heated game of Kill the Carrier on the beach before he ended up meeting a group of Swedish frat stars in the lobby of our hotel that immediately took him in as one of their own.  Also, I happened to get kicked out of my friends’ hotel literally every day.  I seriously think that it was because I was the only red head on the island.
Love life
Single? I don’t know, I’m confused, it’s complicated I guess.

Idea of a perfect date: Christmas Party in Mod 22b

Idea of your perfect girl: Erin Mara

Best quality in a girl: Knowing the difference between your and you’re

Worst quality in a girl: Someone who goes HAM on the elliptical machines and doesn’t realize how absurd they look.

Absolute deal breaker… If she’s not a Belieber.

Seals the deal… If she’s a varsity athlete.
This or That
MA’s/Cityside: MA’s

Pino’s/Roggie’s: Is Mr. Roggie working? Pino’s.

Fin’s/Fin’s: Sushi night at Mac.

Chobani/Yoplait: Danimals.

Eagle’s Nest Ana creation/New England Classic: Chicken Club on cranapple with extra chips and copious amounts of herb cream cheese.

Addie’s cupcake/Hillside cookie: I try to stay away from carbs.

Eagle’s Deli/Jim’s: Jim’s, but really Moogy’s.


Name: Brandon Barber
Age: 22
School: University of Florida
Hometown: Grand Forest, North Dakota 
Relationship status: Taken
Major/why you chose it: Construction management.  To make money

TV shows: Friends, Family Guy

Music: Indie

 Movies: Armageddon, Donnie Darko

Ideal girlfriend:  Amy Brown

Perfect date: Any with Amy Brown

Favorite thing about UF: The students and the atmosphere

One interesting thing about you: "I am an amazing cook."

Where you see yourself in 10 years: Colorado

Name: Tom Low
School: UMC Chapel Hill
Hometown: Greenville, N.C.
Year: Junior
Major: Business

Favorite Cold Stone flavor: Cookie Dough

Favorite study spot: Bottom of the Union

Fun fact: He was on T.V. with Tiger Woods once

Motto: “Keep it simple.”

Favorite Franklin Street restaurant: Ye Olde Waffle Shoppe

Perfect date: Going to a casual restaurant or pub and then a movie

Favorite movie: The Social Network

Whenever you’re hanging out or studying in the Union, be sure to remember the hardworking students involved with the Carolina Union Activities Board. Tom Low has been involved with CUAB for multiple years now, and next year you can call him president of the Union. As president, Low will oversee long-range planning for the Union and help manage the opening of Wendy’s in the fall.

“It’s really fun to be involved with planning campus events. I get to meet a lot of cool people that I probably wouldn’t otherwise be around,” Low said about his time with CUAB.

After college, Low hopes to work at a marketing firm in New York City. He already has some experience in marketing as he interned at Howard, Merrell & Partners in Raleigh last summer. He eventually wants to return to North Carolina and settle down in Wilmington, N.C..

Low cites Ecuador as his favorite place to travel. In high school, he vacationed in the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. He decided to go back during spring break his freshman year to a remote village. There he taught English to the locals. He would love to go back soon!

One of his favorite memories of Carolina was when he got tickets to the UNC vs. Duke basketball game last year. He loved rushing Franklin Street after UNC won. He also has fond memories of hanging out with his suitemates freshman year.

If you ever see Low on campus, stop to ask him about the Union. Low is such a friendly and easy-going guy that he definitely wouldn’t mind chatting!

All photos provided by Tom Low.

Name: Dixon Muller
School: The College of William & Mary
Year: 2014
Relationship Status: Single/Mystery
Hometown: Weems, VA
Major: English 

What are your post-graduation plans?
I plan to become a high school English teacher.
What do you look for in a girl?
I look for someone who can make me laugh, someone who's down to earth, and someone I can see as a best friend, rather than just a romantic interest.
Best thing about girls at William & Mary?
I like how girls here are very independent and driven.
Involved in on campus?
I'm in Beta Theta Pi fraternity, as well as a member of the William & Mary Croquet team.
Idea of a great first date?
Date party at Library Tavern, nuff said.
Favorite thing a girl can wear?
Whatever girls feel they are most confident in is the most attractive. But cowboy boots always help.
Your go-to move when you see a girl you are interested in?
I would mention something I notice about her that's not necessarily obvious. Basically anything that doesn't sound like a cliche pick up line, something that shows i'm attentive, yet not creepy.

Name: Chester Bransford
School: University of Utah 
Hometown: Park City, Utah
Major: Political Science Relationship Status: Single

Interesting Fact: I play the saxophone.

Favorite Snack: PB and J

Best Vacation Spot: Wherever I'm with my good friends.  

Favorite Study Spot: Usually a coffee shop.

Hobbies: Making music, hanging out with my Fraternity Brothers, skiing and adventuring.

Ideal first date: I make dinner, take her on a hike/skiing and we cuddle up and watch a movie.>

Favorite Utah Memory: Conducting the Utah Marching Band and getting initiated into Kappa Sigma would be my top two.

If you shuffled your iTunes, what would be the first song to play? "That's Life" by Michael Buble

Campus Involvement: Served as President of Kappa Sigma, Vice-President of Interfraternity Council, Drum Major of the Marching Band, Orientation Leader and other great student groups.

Dream Job: Somewhere where I'm happy, successful and am able to travel.

Name: Edmund Squire
Age: 21
School: Illinois State University
Major: American Studies
Hometown: London, England
Relationship Status: Single

Affiliations: Pi Kappa Alpha

Ideal Date: "Taking a girl on a tour of my wonderful city, London."

Favorite Foods: Fish and Chips

First thing you notice about a girl: Her smile

Last song played on iPod: Ed Sheeran- The A Team

Celebrity Crush: Kate Beckinsale

Where you see yourself in ten years: "Hopefully in America, teaching at a high school and coaching sports."

This week's Campus Cutie signifies an important moment for Conn College Her Campus: Conor is the first freshman to be featured!  Nominated several times for Campus Cutie, students love Conor's humor and personality. But don't get too excited, ladies. After only a few months at Conn, Conor is already off the market. Here's what this week's Campus Cutie has to say.

Name: Conor Quilty
School: Conneticut College
Relationship Status: Taken
Hometown: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania (Yee-haw)
Major: Botany

What is your favorite song right now?
It's a four-way tie between Buried in Winter by Jeff Pianki, Place to Be by Nick Drake, The Past and the Pending by The Shins, and Triumph by Wu-Tang Clan (kind of a curve-ball there).

If you could be anywhere in the world at this moment, where you would choose?
Right here, although maybe in some alternate universe where I got to bring my bed from home.

How is your experience at Conn going so far?
It's everything I've wanted and more.

What is your go-to meal at Harris?
A small plate of spinach (I'm trying to watch my figure).

Who is your idol and why?
George Clooney: looks, brains, philanthropy, acting abilities, and general badassery.

What do you like to do on the weekends?
What ever kinds of shenanigans come my way.

How do you feel about being this week's Campus Cutie?
Extremely flattered, I hear it's quite the honor.

Describe Conn in one word:


Name: Jordan Andrew Cox
Age: 21
School: Millersville University
Hometown: Qtown aka Quakertown, PA
Relationship status: Playa aka Single I know I know what them girls like.
Year: 4th Year
Major: Secondary Ed Spanish/Youth Ministry

Campus activities: University Activities Board President

Hobbies: I love music and I love to sing and dance and perform. I am the person whose car windows are down and I am singing at the top of my lungs. Love to get my soccer and volleyball on and go running. Clearly I work out, if you look up physique in the dictionary my face would be next to it. I also like to read, take trips to Narnia, go to Denny’s, eat half my body weight at Taco Bell, Cici’s, Wawa and Starbucks. Yes. I am Tina a Fat Tub of Lard. I love to play Just Dance, usually by myself...in the dark...but sometimes my friends come over! YES I HAVE FRIENDS! I love to be sarcastic, and make others laugh, usually at myself, but not always and to live life loud. Chillin’ like a boss and spending time with my friends!

First concert: Metro Station, Secondhand Serenade and Simple Plan.

Reality show he would go on and why: The Real World just because it would be funny and that’s what everyone says. Seriously though, I would love to go on the Voice because that would give me an opportunity to work with some really great artists.

Favorite movie: I am an avid Narnia fan. So I love all of them. Also To Save A Life.

5 songs that make up who he is: Forgiven by Sanctus Real, Who I Am Hates Who I Been by Relient K, How to Save A Life by The Fray, Forever by Chris Brown, and Always Remember Me by Ry Cuming

His pets: Had a dog named Sam, but currently none. I am a dog guy!

His most rewarding experience so far in life: Has been serving as a Senior High youth leader. Every generation needs a revelation and I believe this generation especially has the power to do so. I have been doing youth ministry for about 6 years now. Not only have I watched students grow spiritually, but I have grown in my relationship with God as well. And I am extremely blessed for the memories, experiences and relationships I've have had over the years!

Furthest he’s ever traveled: To Bermuda, twice (I performed with my high school choir on a cruise and then once touring around the island).

His favorite holiday: Any holiday where friends and family come together. I love Christmas after a first snow, but I love 4th of July cause of those summer nights.

His favorite color: Blue

Places he wants to go: Ireland, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Hawaii

Random Facts about Jordan: I am a ginger, my birth mark is my initials JC and I have a size 14 foot. I like to ponder about the question “Did you ever think there’s more to life than just being really, really, really, ridiculously good looking?” I am also an avid movie quoter, “that’s what she saids”, and “your moms.”

Name: Scott Cabell
School: Clark University
Major: Management major, Entrepreneurship minor
Year: 2015
Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut
Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Color: Light blue

Best/Worst Qualities: My best quality is that I love making people smile and laugh. My worst quality is definitely that I am way too competitive and love to win. I have to work on that…

Fun Fact: On the first day of college I was hypnotized and was that kid the hypnotist made put Band-Aids all over my face.

Describe yourself in five words or less: Chill, funny, outgoing, lovable, athletic

Favorite Food: Hm… I love swordfish. Shit's too good.

Hobbies/Activities: I love sports like football and tennis but I have a whole different side where I also enjoy singing and acting.

Favorite thing to do at Clark: Definitely getting into house parties and talking to new people. Maybe even trying to convince them that I’m not a freshman.

What do I look for in a girl: Class and honesty. I need a girl that will never lie to me, even for the smallest things. 

Favorite Pick-Up Line: I can only express it by showing it-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ILOQSlDDp4

Perfect First Date: I would love the first date to just be hanging out at someone’s house and watching a movie on Netflix. Most importantly a relaxed environment to get to know them more.

Best place for a date in Worcester: 90 flo.

Celeb Crush: Jessica Albas my girl.

Campus Crush: There are a couple cute upperclassmen I haven’t introduced myself too. Sadly I don’t know their names.

Where I see myself in 5 years: I would like to see myself at a well-respected graduate school getting my MBA. 

Best advice: Remember, the best part of someone saying you can’t do something, is proving them wrong.


Name: Hans Vitzthum
School: College of William & Mary
Year: Class of 2015
Major: Hopefully Biology

What he is involved in on campus: Wrestling Club.

The first thing he notices when a girl walks into a room: Their height.

Favorite thing about women at William & Mary:  I don't really know anything about them yet except many are Southern.

Your favorite thing a girl can wear in the summertime:  Depends. At the beach, a bikini; in general, a tank top and skirt.

Name: Adam Troy
School: Skidmore College
Year: 2014
Hometown: Rome, GA
Major: Government & Spanish
Relationship status: Single

Hobbies: Guitar, Piano, Soccer, Hiking, and playing pool with my homeboys    Dream Job: Food Show Host   Favorite thing about Georgia: Fuzzy Peaches and Sweet Tea
  If you could have one super power what would it be? The ability to talk to all animals.

Ideal Girl: Natalie Portman


Name: Neil Kennivin
School: College of William & Mary
Year: 2012
Major: English, Government

What he's involved in on campus: Large Group, Americans for Informed Democracy

How did you find yourself at W&M? I was born and raised on Chincoteague Island, VA, where intelligence was a scarce resource. I decided I would study hard and move away. At the same time, I was really interested in ice hockey, so I ended up applying to UVA and William and Mary (for knowledge) and the University of Minnesota (for hockey). I visited Williamsburg my Junior year of high school and fell in love with the campus, so I decided to choose W&M over UVA and UM.

What is your favorite thing about the ladies at W&M? My favorite thing about the ladies of W&M, especially English majors, is their complex personalities. Each woman I have met on campus is beautifully cryptic in their own idiosyncratic way, and I do enjoy a good puzzle.

If you could take your crush on 1 date in Williamsburg, what would you do? First, we'd dine at a classy eatery like the Blue Talon. Then, we'd wander around CW for a while, observing its natural beauty. Along the way, we'd stop to feed the horses with carrots or apples or whatever fruits we decided to bring. Finally, we'd have a late night coffee at the Grind or Aromas and discuss politics, art, music, or movies. Of course I'd be a gentleman and escort her back to her dorm, making sure she was safe and sound before I left.

What's your best line? "I'm actually quite sentimental. I've had poetry published in The Gallery, ya know."

What is the sweetest thing you've done for a girl? In high school, I was deathly afraid of asking one of my girl friends out to prom. I had had a crush on her for about two years, but I had never made a move to advance the relationship. By a stroke of bad luck, I developed a severe sore throat the week I was going to ask the girl to the prom. Instead, I took all of our inside jokes and her favorite things and made a crossword puzzle out of them, with circled letters spelling out "Will you go to prom with me?" 

This week’s cutie is Nik Hansson, a new transfer student from Syracuse University.  He’s fun, adventurous, and always up for a good time. To name just a few examples to exemplify his free spirit, he’s worked the last two years at a coffee shop as an artisan barista, planned a month long trip to Israel this summer all on his own, and got dreadlocks in his hair just for the fun of it.  And although he likes to be carefree, he knows when to buckle down and get work done, which is helpful when you’re a chemical engineering major. What else could you want in a guy? But sorry ladies, this cutie’s for your eyes only (see relationship status below). Luckily, he took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for me.

Name: Nik Hansson
School: University of Pittsburgh
Me: What’s your hometown and major?
Nik: Princeton, New Jersey and chemical engineering.

So, what’s your current relationship status?
I have a girlfriend.

What’s your favorite thing to do for a date?
I just like to do simple things. You know, take a walk in the park or get ice cream or something.

What do you think is the biggest mistake a girl could make when looking for a boyfriend?
I think the biggest mistake is when girls act dumb. I’m attracted to girls who are confident and witty and playing dumb is just a turn off.

It seems like in modern college times more people are interested in just random hook ups than committing to a relationship. Why do you prefer to be in a relationship than just hook up casually?
I feel like random hook ups just aren’t my thing and I like to have a connection with the girls I choose to get with. Even though relationships can be difficult I think they can be very rewarding.

What are you most excited for at Pitt?
To meet new people and have a good time. I’m ready to party it up.

Name: Patrick Blood
School: West Virginia University
Year: Sophomore
Major: Political Science
Relationship Status: Single, but it's complicated :)

Hobbies: playing guitar, singing, lounging with his puppy Harrison, Habitat for Humanity, reading

3 words that best describe him: empathetic, passionate, vogue

Name: Kevin Schubert
Age: 19
School: Northeastern University
Major: Criminal Justice
Hometown: Voorhees, New Jersey

Hobbies: Making Videos, hanging with friends, Call of Duty

5 things I can’t live without: Friends, Family, Taylor Swift, my bed (I love to sleep), and running.

Favorite foods: In-n-out burgers and pasta.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In the military, or hopefully working for the FBI.

Favorite weekend activities: Going to the beach with friends, staying up to ridiculous morning hours then sleeping until nighttime.

Favorite place I've traveled to: Hawaii

Ideal date: Well anyone knows that the first thing you do on a date has to be fun! So I would either take my date ice-skating, bowling, or something along those lines. It depends on the girl. Movies are always nice too, but sometimes one can get bored of movies if you don't try doing other things on dates. The next step after working up an appetite is going to get food, so I would find a nice restaurant to go to, with a beautiful view. Finally, as all good dates should end, you either find yourself at the beach watching the sunset or on a hill looking up at the stars Either way you end up with some cuddling on a blanket with that special person, and you think how life couldn't get any better.

Music: Taylor Swift, The Killers, The Offspring, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and blink-182.

Goal I have set for myself: I have created a mission to meet Taylor Swift because I find her really inspirational and the type of celebrity who cares about her fans. She is a role model to millions of people and I find her personality reaIly special. That is why I want to meet her. I was inspired by "A hug from Taylor Swift" and created Operation 13, which is a way to help me accomplish my goal. Help me out please (http://www.facebook.com/Operation13).

Sports: Soccer and running (cross country and track and field).

Favorite pick-up line: Is your dad a baker, ‘cause your buns are fine!

Most embarrassing moment: I can honestly say I’ve never had an embarrassing moment. I’m pretty outgoing so things don’t tend to embarrass me.

Name: Timothy Jake Whalen
School: University of Virginia
Hometown: Manassas, VA
Year: 2nd
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Major: Systems Engineer

Activities Around Grounds: Chi Phi, Club Lacrosse

Best Spot For A First Date: downtown mall

If I could be reborn as anybody it would be: Michael Jordan because I want to fly

If I could date a Disney Princess I would date: Belle, brunettes are better

Work Out Routine: eating until I break a sweat

Favorite Thing about a girl is her: butt

Most Embarrassing Moment: When I threw up during a presentation in class from having a little too much fun the night before

Something most people don't know about me: I listen to a lot of old school rap and hip hop from the 80's and 90's
Current iPod Repeat Song: “They want EFX" by Das EFX

I can't live without my: friends

My life hero is: My grandfather Tom Whalen, because he showed me that even at 80+ years old, the fun never stops

I feel most attractive in my: birthday suit

Kelsey Damassa is in her senior year at Boston College, majoring in Communications and English. She is a native of Connecticut and frequents New York City like it is her job. On campus, she is the Campus Correspondent for the Boston College branch of Her Campus. She also teaches group fitness classes at the campus gym (both Spinning and Pump It Up!) and is an avid runner. She has run five half-marathons as well as the Boston Marathon. In her free time, Kelsey loves to bake (cupcakes anyone?), watch Disney movies, exercise, read any kind of novel with a Starbucks latte in hand, and watch endless episodes of "Friends" or "30 Rock."

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