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There's a good chance you'll find this Campus Cutie chillin' in the Mods or in the Bubble for lacrosse practice, but as one of the best fitness attendants at the Plex (seriously, if this guy closes, every weight is perfectly placed) you've probably admired this tall, freckled, and handsome man standing at the fitness desk.  Ok, actually, walking around talking to everyone in the gym, because this guy?  He knows everyone.  What's that?  You don't know Mike Slovak?  Well, in about three minutes, you will.  So read on and enjoy as today's Campus Cutie tells us about his spring break escapades and  his idea of perfect happiness (hint: you've probably been there).

Name:  Mike Slovak
School: Boston College A&S
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major: Communications & Theology

BC Life
Activities: Lax is a full-time job.  I led 48Hours once upon a time, and I TA.

Favorite Class: My summer study abroad class in Rome

Hardest Class: Real Estate Law

Favorite dining hall and meal: Hillside – Veggie Panini

Favorite study spot: Mod basement

Favorite residence hall: Mod 5a

Bapst/O’Neill: O’Neill cubicles just to read what people write on them.

Best BC Memory: Going to practice at 9 PM in the Bubble on a Thursday night.  Close second are some of the tailgates that I participated in for football games this past fall.  Distant third is seeing my roommate Chris Dearwester out there playing birdball for the Eagles.

One thing to do before you graduate: Figure out what the Jesuits do for fun in St. Mary’s on Thursday nights.
Just for Fun: Questions from Vanity Fair
What is your idea of perfect happiness? Who’s On First on Halloween.

What is your greatest fear? Being surrounded by a pack of wild Komodo Dragons on a deserted South American beach.

Which words of phrases do you most overuse? YOLO.

Which talent would you most like to have? More than anything, I would love to have the ability to stay injury-free for a full semester.
In ‘dream world,’ where do you see yourself in 10 years? Being the new CEO of Her Campus

In the real world, where do you see yourself in 10 years? Being a stay at home Dad with my three young children and two cats.

What is one thing you have to do before you die? Ask Michael Jordan about why he really retired in ’94.

Hobbies: Collecting CEO4Teens sunglasses.

Interests: Trying to get Chad Ochocinco to respond to me on Twitter.  I’ve been trying all year with no success.
Movie: Don’t Be a Menace in South Central while Drinking Your Juice in The Hood should’ve won an Oscar, in my humble opinion.

Musician: Troy Bell

TV Show: Blue Mountain State.  I’m a huge supporter of the way Thad lives his life.

Actor: DMX

Actress: Mrs. Ari
Spring Break
Go anywhere fun? I went to Punta Cana with a couple of my closest friends.

What did ya do? I put in a lot of work darkening my freckles and learning certain Spanish words that are necessary for survival in the country with no discernable rules.

Crazy stories… The whole place is crazy, but a few that my Mom might not call me to yell at me for saying: A friend of mine got kicked out of one of the fine late night establishments and proceeded to lead the hotel staff on a low speed chase through the hallways until he lost his pursuers.  Then he got into a heated game of Kill the Carrier on the beach before he ended up meeting a group of Swedish frat stars in the lobby of our hotel that immediately took him in as one of their own.  Also, I happened to get kicked out of my friends’ hotel literally every day.  I seriously think that it was because I was the only red head on the island.
Love life
Single? I don’t know, I’m confused, it’s complicated I guess.

Idea of a perfect date: Christmas Party in Mod 22b

Idea of your perfect girl: Erin Mara

Best quality in a girl: Knowing the difference between your and you’re

Worst quality in a girl: Someone who goes HAM on the elliptical machines and doesn’t realize how absurd they look.

Absolute deal breaker… If she’s not a Belieber.

Seals the deal… If she’s a varsity athlete.
This or That
MA’s/Cityside: MA’s

Pino’s/Roggie’s: Is Mr. Roggie working? Pino’s.

Fin’s/Fin’s: Sushi night at Mac.

Chobani/Yoplait: Danimals.

Eagle’s Nest Ana creation/New England Classic: Chicken Club on cranapple with extra chips and copious amounts of herb cream cheese.

Addie’s cupcake/Hillside cookie: I try to stay away from carbs.

Eagle’s Deli/Jim’s: Jim’s, but really Moogy’s.

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