Links We Love 4.17.11

  1. A scary result of online dating. [New York Daily News]
  2. Pressure to eat on college campuses overwhelms those struggling with an eating disorder. [The Washington Post]
  3. Get a month of hulu plus free when you enter your .edu address. [Hulu]
  4. Health warning against straightening your hair! [Time Magazine]
  5. How a GW student caught an iPad thief. [Gawker]
  6. Taylor Swift interviews always make us love her a little more. [The Telegraph]
  7. A headline we hate to see: “Bad News For College Students” [The Concord Monitor]
  8. High school senior blogs about the financial aspects of the college decision process. [The New York Times]
  9. A different kind of university education — this one based on drugs. [Portland Press Herald]
  10. Your guide to a bottle of wine that costs less than $7. [The Huffington Post]

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