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Here's a taste of what you were loving on HerCampus.com last week!

It’s finals season, but you’re still focusing on that guy, and the 7 Scientifically-Proven Ways to Make Him Fall For You.

You wanted to make sure you weren’t messing things up on your end so you clicked on 5 Moves That Are Ruining Your ‘Game’.

And if you learned something and those tips worked for you (your game is back, he’s fallen for you) then it looks like you were inclined to check out The Big O: Everything You Wish You Knew About Orgasms.

And since you may have been doing a little procrastinating on Her Campus, you looked at the 10 Ways to Get Energy Without Caffeine so you could study a little later.

Last, but not least, you wanted to make sure your studying was productive, so you read 6 Study Habits That Could Be Hurting Your Grade.

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