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A Freshman Girl’s Guide to Frat Parties

Posted Aug 13 2013 - 2:00pm

DO be nice to upperclassmen girls.
Chances are they know the guys in the frat, and if these girls get a bad vibe from you, they will tell the brothers. Befriending upperclassmen girls will help you learn the ins and outs of the particular frat, including which guys are winners and which guys are losers. “Nothing will ruin your night like pissing off one of the guy's girlfriends,” Alaine says.

college party frat party dancing

DON’T stick around if the cops show up.
It’s rare, but it’s happened before. Don’t run away either. Instead, casually leave without drawing attention to yourself and make sure you leave your drink behind if you had one. Never walk along the streets with a red plastic cup in hand.

DO have a DW (designated walker).
If you and your friends choose to drink, it’s safe to take turns being the semi-sober one so there is always someone to look after you and your friends.  The DW should make sure everyone gets home safely at the end of the night and have the number to a reliable taxi in case someone needs to be picked up.

making out drunk college party sloppy hookup

DON’T flirt with multiple brothers. And don’t get caught making out with every guy that comes your way. 
This is an easy way to get a bad rep and you don’t want that, especially not on your first week on campus.

DO have a good time and enjoy your first of many curfew-less, party-filled nights!
I hope these tips help you survive your first frat party. Stick to our dos and don’ts and you will never make any of the usual first-year party-going mistakes. Every HC girl deserves to be in the know and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Good luck!

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