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Gifts for Grandparents - Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Posted Nov 20 2012 - 1:02pm

Grandparents roamed the earth before iPhones, the Internet and even DVR. It was a different world back then! But now they are in your world — making Facebooks, texting and Facetiming with you. While some may seem modern, they still straddle the line between the 1950s and the 2010s — making finding a great gift for them even harder. LUCKILY: they love you so much you pretty much can’t go wrong here, so just getting them a gift makes you the best grandchild ever.

For a cold grandparent

If your grandparent is always bellyaching about how cold it is, have them curl up under this Slumber Rest Blanket’s Microplush Heated Throw. The super-soft blanket has 3 adjustable heat settings to keep your grandparent’s temperature just the way they like it. $55

For the gifty-grandparent

My grandparents do not travel light. They always come over with things they found around the house they want to give me or show me, like old pictures of my dad or a necklace my grandma wore when she was my age. Whether or not it’s a gift for you, make their travels easier with a Leather + Canvas tote. $70

For the whimsical grandparent

Add some fun to their collection of picture frames by filling this Rotating Ferris Wheel Frame with pictures of you, your sibilings and parents. They’ll flip for it! $25

For the writer

Encourage them to write down the memories from their childhood and how they look at life now with a journal like this Blue Wrap-Tie Italian Leather Journal. Grandparents have lots of stories to tell, and you will want to remember it all — this will help when they can’t anymore. $65

For the bed lover

The Nap(TM) Massaging Bed Rest is like no husband pillow you’ve ever seen before. It has a light so they can stay up reading in bed while their partner sleeps (or have more direct light overhead), a massaging feature, and a cupholder! It’ll make them feel like they never need to get out of bed. $100

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