Gifts For Girls Under $50 - Holiday Gift Guide 2012

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In theory, girls aren’t too hard to shop for. In theory. In actuality, there are complexities you never saw coming when exchanging gifts with a collegiette. Odds are she is shopping savvy, regardless of whether her knowledge and preference be for Gucci bags or LL.Bean boots. The other thing to think about? Unlike guys, she is more likely to buy herself “presents” throughout the year when her budget allows for it. So it’s time to think creatively. That’s where we come in. Read on.

For the friend you’ve been linked to

Ok, whether you’ve been linked long or not, this Required Flare Chain and Leather Wrap bracelet is a pretty cool and easy gift to give even the most minor fashionista on your list. $32

For the organized gal

What we love about the idea of giving this Jewelry Box with Gold Beading to a girl on your list is how versatile it can be. She can keep jewelry (duh), school supplies, trinkets or whatever else she collects in this beautiful desk accessory. $30

For the bohemian


We love jewelry as gifts because we believe you can never have enough. This Lia Sophia Family Tree Necklace stood out to us as unique, versatile, and something we wouldn’t necessarily have picked up for ourselves - but that we’d hope someone else would think of for us! Therefore, great gift! $48

For the bare-walled dreamer

OCM always has the best dorm accessories and this IMAGINE Easy Hang wall canvas is no exception. Have her hang it up in her dorm room (easily, natch) and let her imagine doing anything other than studying. $29

For the gym junkie

Run, seriously, don’t walk, to Victoria’s Secret to snap a pair of these Yoga Crop Leggings in this super-fun mixed print. Your friend who never misses a workout will adore them! Who doesn’t love to work out in fun, new clothes? $35


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