Gifts For Dad Under $25 - Holiday Gift Guide 2012

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Dear old dad: I love you so, but I hate shopping for you. I ask you what you want and you say “you and your sister not to fight,” “a clean room,” or “straight As next semester.” I want to make you happy... but I’m just not so sure how realistic those things are (especially a clean room). Since you won’t tell me what you really want, here goes nothing. I told you to give me some direction! Luckily I have Her Campus to help me out when you won’t.

For the tech-y dad

iPhone, Blackberry, iPod - dad has got it all. You know what he doesn’t grab when he runs out the door with all his gadgets? Chargers. Hence why he needs this Portable Charger Valet so he can stay “juiced up” (my dad’s lingo for a fully charged phone) all day long. $20

For the jokester

You or I may be a little embarrassed to have a Butt Station Assistant on our desks - but that might not be the case with your dad. If you were raised by the kind of guy who owns a whoopie cushion or once did, he will LOL at this. $16

For the Star Wars fan

Dad may be a bit dorky, but you love him just the same. Instead of a boring cup of coffee the morning you exchange gifts, make him a dark roast, a Star Wars Vader’s Dark Side Roast Coffee. He’ll have the ultimate fanboy moment. $15

For the “intellectual” papa

Does dad reminisce about his college days and never once mention a single thing he learned or a single class he went to? Spend the holidays laughing with him over the book “F in Exams”. Just be careful not to come home from school with any of your own “F”s.

For the former frat guy

You’ll drive mom crazy, but help daddy be a fratstar at home with mom with these Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses. Seeing the two of them — or you and him — drink out of them just once is worth the price. $17


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