12 Ways to Master Small Talk

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If there’s one thing you will be forced to take part in no matter what age you are, it’s small talk. Learn how to master small talk and you shall prosper. Well, probably. It takes two people to have a conversation (unless you’re talking to yourself), so remember you can only do so much when it comes to good conversation.

Lately, I’ve been preparing for a lot of small talk. Next weekend I’ll be attending a wedding as a plus-one date and a few weeks later I’ll be starting a new internship and meeting plenty of new people. Small talk is often dreaded, but it’s necessary and easy once you get the hang of it.

1. Make eye contact

Duh. If it’s a bit difficult to keep prolonged eye contact, you can also stare just above the other person’s eyes. If you’re a bit adverse to eye contact, at least avoid looking behind the person. It looks like you’re seeking someone better to talk to or looking for an escape.

2. Monitor your body language

Whether you’re sitting down or standing, your body should be angled towards the people you’re talking to. Ensure you’re not leaning your head on your hands, playing with your hair or anything of that sort. Body language conveys a message and if you’re playing with your hair and your body is angled towards the wall, it sends a bad message.

3. Expand on basic answers

Most people ask the same old questions. Don’t give the same old answers. Ensure your answers allow for further conversation rather than cutting them short. If you simply answer “Good” to the popular questions, you’re creating a conversational dead-end and a lot of room for awkward silences.

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