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The 7 Best Moments From Gossip Girl

Posted May 16 2013 - 4:00pm
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Can you believe that it’s been almost six months since we said goodbye to one of our favorites (and most scandalous) shows? Parting with a television show is never easy, but we must admit that we occasionally  experience  withdrawal symptoms now that we don’t get a weekly dose of Blair, Chuck, Serena and Dan. To ease the pain, we are taking a stroll down memory lane and have accumulated our favorite moments from the show that made us go, “OMGG.”

1. The limo scene

Let’s face it: half of the reason we watched Gossip Girl was to find out if Blair and Chuck would live happily ever after. When a turbulent relationship starts in the back seat of a limo, how could you not be invested? Since Blair and Chuck never got together in the book series, we thank the show’s writers for this dose of creative integrity.

2. The white party

Though everyone loves a Hamptons soiree, this party was memorable or one reason in particular: “Three words, eight letters. Say it and I’m yours.” It was the desperate plea heard around the world. When Blair uttered that sentence, we knew our infactuation with this couple was to stay. 

3. OM3

How could we ever forget that Gossip Girl went there? Just when we though the show jumped the proverbial shark, the writers churned out something so unexpected (and scandalous) that we had to keep watching. Not only was this a OMGG moment, it also showed the world Hillary Duff is no longer the naive Lizzie McGuire. 

4. Blair and Dan’s internship at W

The Upper East Siders' lives are very different from most of ours; however, we do have one thing in common with them-- internships. Though your experience may not be exactly like theirs (Dan was fired and Blair took Epperly's job), you have to admit that you sometimes fight to get your supervisor's morning coffee. See collegiettes, Blair Waldorf is just like us!

5. Serena walking for Eleanor Waldorf’s show

We love fashion shows for a number of reasons, including the A-List filled front row and dramatic threads that parade down the runway. But at Eleanor Waldorf's fashion show, there was drama on and off the catwalk. Not only did Blair banish Serena from the front row, which is a major faux pas, Miss van der Woodsen strutted down the runway in one of Jenny Humphrey's dresses. Gasp!

6. Blair’s devious slumber party

Thanks to Gossip Girl, slumber parties became more scandalous than pillow fights and “truth or dare.” From playing dress up with designer threads to forcing Jenny to steal something from Eleanor Waldorf's store, this night transformed Little J into one of the Upper East Side's key players. 

7. The big reveal

After years of wondering who was “Gossip Girl,” the series finale provided the answer. To our surprise, it wasn’t really Kristen Bell (or even Dorota). Want to relive the big reveal? Watch this clip (we're not ready to spoil Gossip Girl for those collegiettes who are watching Gossip Girl on Netflix).


Did we miss one of your favorite Gossip Girl moments? Sound off below!


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