14 Reasons Why The Jonas Brothers REALLY Broke Up

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Say it isn’t so! As much as we don’t want to believe it, the Jonas Brothers have officially gone splitsville. They may have chalked it up to “creative differences,” but we suspect there are a few other reasons why the JoBros decided to go their separate ways.

1. Kevin was tired of being told that he’d only get to stand in the middle of a picture once Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus wrote a song about him.

2. Joe refused to reveal to Kevin and Nick the product he used to maintain his manageably straight hair.

3. Joe told Kevin that no one ever watches Married to Jonas.

4. Nick kept mispronouncing the last name of Joe’s girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler.

5. Kevin told Joe to stop trying to make graphic printed shirts happen, because they were not going to happen.

6. Nick wouldn’t stop singing "Brotherhood of Man" in the shower. 

7. Joe was still bitter that Kevin had borrowed his hair straightener without his permission for the first Camp Rock movie.

8. Joe told Kevin and Nick that hipster glasses were his thing and that no one else could wear them.

9. Nick had begun to overuse the line, “Well, maybe when you guys date Miss Universe…”

10. Kevin and Joe found out that Nick had been doing extra sessions at the gym without them.

11. Kevin wouldn’t stop watching reruns of Jonas and saying, “Remember this, guys?”

12. Nick was uploading too many selfies to Instagram.

13. Frankie Jonas has been plotting to break them up for years so he could take them out of the limelight and launch his solo career.

14. Danielle Deleasa is actually Yoko Ono in disguise.

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