The Top 10 Coolest Dorms in the Country

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3. McGill
Our friends to the north have sick residence halls too. One of the dorms, New Rez  (short for New Residence Hall) is a converted hotel on McGills’s campus in beautiful Montreal. Every room has double beds (no Twin XLs! Buying bed sheets must be so much easier), and its own bathroom. There's also a cafeteria in the downstairs area and a cafe. What else do you expect from a dorm that was converted from a four-star hotel? The best part is that the residence hall connects to an underground mall with a supermarket, cinema, drugstore, and little shops. Perfect!

McGill campus housing dormitories

2. WashU
Washington University in Saint Louis is known for their awesome dorms, and students couldn’t be prouder to inhabit them. “They really are like palaces,” says Jessica, Wash U student. “They’re constantly being renovated, and the South 40 dorms look like Disneyworld from the outside.” The freshman dorms are clustered close together, which makes for some friendly competition between the buildings but also brings dorm-mates together. Most rooms include TempurPedic mattresses to send you off to dreamland after a long night of studying. And the bathrooms have a maid service come through twice a week if you despise cleaning the toilet. For camaraderie and plush living, the older Wash U dorms are the way to go.

WashU campus housing dormitories

1. Boston University
BU’s StuVi2 (which stands for Student Village Phase Two) stands 26 stories tall, half the height of the Prudential Center, the tallest building in Beantown. It’s already gained a lot of attention from the local press: The Boston Globe called it “perhaps the most opulent residence hall to ever grace the local college landscape.”  Wow. That’s definitely high praise (ha, ha)! The walk-in closets are perfect for even the largest collegiette™ shoe collection, and the 24-hour building security is perfect for those who need their large shoe collections protected.

Boston University campus housing dormitories


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