The 50 Cutest Items to Decorate Your Dorm Room

You bought a hamper, a shower caddy, a mini fridge, and all the other essentials you’ll need for a year in a dorm. But that cinderblock-walled, prison cell-size room needs a little more than just a pretty bedspread to make it the envy of the entire dorm. It’s time to get decorating! Here’s HC’s list of the 50 cutest items to spruce up your dorm room this fall…you know, just to get you started.


Without them, your walls are just bare, sad cinderblock. Your walls need to be prettified, and HC is happy to report that these posters are a lot cheaper and easier to apply (and a lot more allowed by your housing department) than hiring a professional muralist.

Our Picks: Feather F Print, Dormify $24.99; Lisa Weedn Love Being Exactly Who You Are Wall Art, Bed Bath & Beyond, $24.99; Lot 26 All You Need Canvas Wall Art, Target, $19.99; Keep Calm and Buy Shoes Poster, OCM $5.95; Graphic Salon Floral Canvas Wall Art, Bed Bath & Beyond, $19.99; Have Fun, Stay Young Poster, Her Campus Shop, $10; I Heart You Print, Dormify, $24.99; Make a Wish Print, Dormify, $29.99


Fluorescent ceiling lights: they are not flattering. Get something a little less harsh and a little cuter to light up your room like nobody else (did you just get One Direction stuck in your head? Me too). How about a string of cocktails or a giant ice cream cone? Now I’m hungry—dining hall run, anyone?

Our Picks: Room Essentials Stick Lamp – Damask, Target, $19.99; Stick Lamp w/ Cassette Tape Patterned Shade, Target, $14; String Light – Pierced Paper, Target, $14.99; 10 Light String Lights – Cocktail Glasses, Target, $14.39; Walking Man Lamp, Target, $15.99; Ice Cream Lamp, Fred Flare, $40


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