The Betchiest Schools

As any betchy collegiette (who peruses the Betches Love This site as often as Facebook) knows, a college is only as betchy as the students who attend it. If your fellow collegiettes treat The Betch List like the Bible and prioritize their #5 diets, #145 day drinking, and #149 themed parties far above their studies (f’ing duh!), then chances are, you attend one of the chosen few betchy schools. Congrats, betch.

Here is our list of the 10 schools that epitomize the Betches Love This site the most… because a truly betchy college is ranked by how fun and fabulous its students are, not by its applicants’ average SAT scores.

10) INDIANA UNIVERSITY (Bloomington, Indiana)
Bloomington is far from fabulous, but Indiana has still managed to collect its fair share of betches. Greek life is synonymous with social life at IU, and between hosting incredible parties and Little 500 (an annual bicycle race turned week-long drink-a-thon), the brothers and sisters of IU ensure that everyone has a good time. IU sorority betches love their #149 themed parties, though some have been known to raise some eyebrows, such as Kappa Delta’s Homeless-themed party last spring. Despite being in the Midwest, the betches of IU are anything but simple farm girls – as one student on College Prowler claimed, “The motto here is ‘IU girls are RED HOT’ – it’s even been made into a T-shirt that is sold at every shop in Bloomington.” The Indiana betch lifestyle is epitomized through the Twitter account IU Party Girl.

9) UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN (Madison, Wisconsin)
The students may go to school in the middle of a cornfield, but Wisco still knows how to party. Between their infamous #116 Halloween drinking festival Freakfest and Mifflin, an annual 3 day-long block party of #145 day drinking that Wisco betches refused to let administrators cancel, Wisco betches can almost forget they’re stuck in the Cheese State. “Everyone goes nuts on game day and everyone here knows how to drink,” said one student on US News & World Report. This betchy school may also be in the Midwest, but don’t think for a second that Wisco is overrun with Midwestern nice girls – everyone knows it’s the betchier, wealthier Coasties from the East and West Coasts who run the social scene.

8) THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND (College Park, Maryland)

College Park itself may not be betchy, but UMD has enough wild parties to make you overlook how boring it is. Maryland is chock full of #143 Jewish American Betches, as well as plenty of hot guys in #86 fraternities trying to hook up with them, as seen by this UMB frat bro’s guide that explains how to snag the elite Maryland JAP. These UMD sisters take their socializing and partying seriously, especially after the ultimate sorority betch, Rebecca Martinson, sent out the now-infamous email to her Delta Gamma sisters scolding them on their poor party etiquette. Another UMD Betch priority: #118 working out. As one student on College Prowler described, UMB is “well-known for having a good deal of fit, attractive students with ‘physical talent’ who know how to manage themselves well.”

7) CORNELL UNIVERSITY (Ithaca, New York)
Our list wouldn’t be complete without the alma mater of the Head Betches, Jordana Abraham, Aleen Kuperman, and Samantha Fishbein, who founded the Betches Love This site. The truly betchy Cornell student loves #36 not doing work and finding shortcuts to avoid doing so, as demonstrated by the rigged student council election scandal last year. Cornell sorority girls also like to ensure that only the betchiest of pledges join their sisterhood, with one betch even sending out a list of fashion guidelines for aspiring rushees.

6) BOSTON UNIVERSITY (Boston, Massachusetts)
Nobody brings the betch factor to Beantown quite like the ladies of BU. With its huge Jewish population (second only to NYU), the campus is positively crawling with #143 Jewish American Betches. The city may enforce a totally lame 2 AM curfew, but Boston rocks the #145 day drinking scene – Marathon Monday was ranked second on The Huffington Post’s list of most infamous (read: betchiest) college traditions. “Marathon Monday is basically just a day devoted to day drinking… It’s hard to remember sometimes that there’s people out there running 26.2 miles instead!” says BU junior Hana Jeon. The BU sorority girls have been known, however, to take their love of liquor too far; one sorority was even suspended in 2012 for hazing allegations.

At Arizona, everything is done to the extreme. That is because, as a student on College Prowler explained, “Students at the UA are not ‘everyday people.’ They are beautiful and hot.” In the spirit of #36 not doing work, betches at the University of Arizona will look for any excuse to party, even turning their graduation this year into a full-on rave complete with a light show, house music, and fireworks. UA doesn’t kid around when it comes to #35 sorority rush either – new sorority betches are so eager to get to their new sisters that bid day has become known as the Running of the Bulls.

4) TULANE UNIVERSITY (New Orleans, Louisiana)

When you go to school in NOLA, the party capital of the country, things are bound to get pretty crazy. Not only does the Big Easy have the weather perfect for #27 tanning – “I can lay out practically every day!” says Tulane senior Grace O’Malley – it also happens to be home of the notoriously wild Mardi Gras celebration, and Tulane betches know how to celebrate the weekend better than anyone, as seen by this video from the “I’m Schmacked” series. This betchy university has hosted many a party princess and her wild antics, such as Joe Biden’s scandal-raising daughter Ashley Biden, whose past is filled with parties and pot, as well as a large collection of JAPs, earning itself the nickname of JewLane.

3) UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Known as the Social Ivy, UPenn strives to make Ivy Leagues cool again. Penn betches love to live up to that expectation, which is why their annual Spring Fling festival is one of the biggest and best college festivals on the East Coast. The betches of Penn also love #107 not branching out so much that they created, a website devoted to arranging social gatherings for only the students that the site deems betchy enough (e.g. the betchy party planner and all her besties) and helping to pay for the cost of the event – not that they need it. Even the UPenn administrators are betchy, with one admissions officer recently fired for making fun of some applicants’ essays.

2) UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI (Miami, Florida)
With the insane club and bar scene of South Beach close by and the perfect #27 tanning weather year-round, the large population of JAPs at “Suntan U” couldn’t ask for a betchier location to go to school than Miami. Living in perhaps the hottest city in the country isn’t the only thing that distinguishes these betches – as one student on US News & World Report said, “When you tell an employer or even someone you just met you're a Miami student, you can notice a slight change. Employers are impressed and people ask whether you're rich or smart.” The betches of UMiami are smart but they also know how to party, helping UMiami score the title of #1 party school by Playboy magazine in 2009.


With its campus crawling with heirs and heiresses as well as the children of powerful politicians and officials, practically everyone at SMU is like royalty. The palpable feel of affluence in the air was even enough to earn SMU the nickname Southern Millionaires University. “Many of the girls are fashion-oriented and fixated on designer labels, such as Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, and Dolce & Gabbana,” noted one student on College Prowler. The school may be religiously affiliated, but these Southern betches are no saints; their partying earned them the honor of being ranked the top nightlife school from Playboy Magazine last year.

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