5 Apps All College Leaders Need ASAP

Being a student leader comes with a lot of responsibility. Not only do you have to keep up with your own academic schedule, but you have to juggle all of the different clubs and organizations you lead. Let's face it, it can be extremely overwhelming! Instead of stepping back from your responsibilities (which will probably never happen – leaders gotta lead, right?) or letting things slip through the cracks, take advantage of the wonderful world of technology and let some of these awesome apps help make your life easier. 

1. Skedaddle

Planning group trips is fun and all, but having to arrange transportation definitely isn't. Luckily, Skedaddle exists! You can either start a bus route entirely for your group or easily join an existing route. Routes can be private or public, and if you start a bus route you can ride for free! You can also use the code "HERCAMPUS10" for a discount off your first ride. Traveling just go so much easier. 

2. Gettie

All that planning behind meetings, events or fundraising is a lot of work, so don't do it alone. Opt for using an app like Gettie to make any little task more efficient, whether it's planning social gatherings or collecting money for a fundraiser! It'll even allow others in the area to view your event and decide if they want to attend.

3. Square

Keeping track of money is a headache waiting to happen, so turn to an app like Square to help keep things organized. Send or receive money instantly through the app, then deposit it directly into your bank account when you're ready. Also, don't forget to use the unique Cash Card feature, which is a Visa debit card exclusive to square that you can use to pay retailers straight from your cash app. Finances have never been easier to handle!

4. Evernote

As a student leader, you're bound to have notes from countless meetings that you need to keep track of. Instead of having to carry a stack of papers or notebooks around, start using Evernote – the app will store all of your notes all in one place, making you the organizing queen!

5. GroupMe

Staying connected with your team is a breeze with the GroupMe app. Instead of trying to send individual texts to your team, make a group on this app and save yourself some time. The best part is that GroupMe works on all software, meaning you'll never have to face the struggle of asking, "Does everyone have iMessage?" again. 

Being a leader requires a lot of responsibility and commitment, which can be difficult to manage as a college student. Start using these apps to help you be the best leader you can! 

Taylor Petschl is a fourth year journalism student, concentrating in public relations at Cal Poly SLO. She is one of Her Campus Cal Poly's campus correspondents, a Her Campus Media editorial intern, campus expansion region leader and a national blogger for the Style and Beauty sections. She plans to attend medical school after graduating, and hopes to become a pediatric anethesiologist. 

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