13 Things to Understand About People Who Are Over Going Out

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Going out every weekend can get real old, real fast. It's not that we don't like spending time with our friends, we're just tired of the never-changing frat party and burnt out local bars. Sure, the occasional night out is great—but we just can't handle booze-filled weekend after weekend anymore. Instead of being frustrated with us, you have to understand the following: 

1. There are other ways to hang out with us

Shopping, concerts, movies... or *shocker* just hanging out.

2. We're not "boring"


3. We're down to be your DD, but that's not all we're good for

4. There are more perks to staying in than you might think...

Like saving money.

5. And no hangovers

6. We don't judge you just because you still like going out

7. But listening to countless stories about blacking out can get old

michael scott

8. The occasional night we do want to go out is bound to be crazy

We gotta get it out of our system.

9. Not going out all the time actually makes you productive

10. We never have to deal with this...

24 Things Only People Who Hate Going Out Will Understand

11. Begging us to go out all the time will only result in us coming up with excuses

24 Things Only People Who Hate Going Out Will Understand

12. This is the most dancing we'd like to do:

13. If you ever feel like having a relaxing night in, we're the perfect solution


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