13 Fun Thanksgiving DIY Decoration Ideas

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, what better way to prepare for the holiday than by making fabulous, fall-inspired DIY decorations?  From pinecone turkeys to pumpkin place cards, here are 13 fun and easy DIY ideas to spice up your space just in time for Thanksgiving!  

1. Pinecone Turkeys



2. Pumpkin Placecards


3. Acorn Flower Arrangement


4. Tulle Turkey Wreath


5. Grain Candle Centerpiece


6. Twig Votive


7. Thanksgiving Garland


8. Apple Candles


9. Cornucopia Seed Balls


10. Cinnamon Bark Candle


11. Pinecone Place Card


12. Fabric Wreath



13. Leaf Imprinted Coasters



Allie Sutherland is an Architecture Student and Alpha Phi sister in the Syracuse University class of 2015.

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