The Best Way To Create Your Holiday Wish List

As the holidays roll around, our moms keep bugging us about what to get us.  Not that we're complaining, we just keep forgetting to email or text her back with a list of stuff we actually want (other than for our finals to magically be over!).  Plus even though there are about five million things we thought we wanted at some point throughout the year, now that the holiday season is upon us, our minds are suddenly drawing a blank (blame the post-Thanksgiving food coma!).

Luckily we discovered Student Maestro, an awesome site that makes it super easy to create your holiday wish list (or wish list for any occasion) and share it with friends and family to make it super easy for them to get you exactly what you want (hello, new winter coat!).  Here's how it works: register with Student Maestro, then create a list of the items you want.  The site has a list of over 300 brand name stores from all different categories, and products from any of the stores can be added to one wish list--so you can find the new winter coat you want plus the tablet device you've been coveting.  Then, build out your network of family and friends, and Student Maestro will email the wish list to your network with a link directly back to your list.  As people buy the items on your wish list, they'll be removed from the list, so you don't end up with 5 winter coats (though we wouldn't complain...).

Student Maestro is totally clutch during the holiday season, but it's great year-round too if you want to make a wish list for your birthday, or a finals care package (um, yes), or for any other occasion.  Plus, Student Maestro offers a ton of other cool features too like educational links to help your studying, and fun online games to help your not-studying ;)

And if all this wish list magic isn't enough you can head over to Student Maestro, take the survey on the homepage, and automatically will be entered for the chance to win a $100 Amazon giftcard! So head over to Student Maestro and get started on your holiday wish-listing!!

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