11 Hottest Female Professors in the Country

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9. Dr. Rosalba Perna
School: University of Colorado, Boulder
Department: Astronomy
Why she’s on our list: Hailing from Italy, Dr. Perna’s naturally curly hair and exotic look put her on our list.
Fun Fact: Dr. Perna was recently awarded the 2010 SIGRAV Prize, which is given every two years to an Italian astrophysicist below the age of 40 who has distinguished himself/herself for work related to gravity.

Dr. Rosalba Perna University of Colorado, Boulder

10. Amy Lynn Schiffner
School: University of Hawaii at Manoa
Department: Theatre and Dance
Why she’s on our list: Professor Schiffner’s dancer’s body and luscious locks make her one of our top eleven.
Students say: “I took this class as a required course but ended up loving it. She is very funny and really knew how to get the creativity out of us. I always looked forward to her classes.”

Amy Lynn Schiffner University of Hawaii at Manoa

11. Kelly Ramella
School: Arizona State University
Department: Community Studies
Why she’s on our list: Professor Ramella’s constant smile nabbed her our final spot.  After all, you're never fully dressed without one.
Students say: “This is a great class I learned a lot about people, just by attending class. Plus, Professor Ramella is smoking hot!”

Kelly Ramella Arizona State University

And so ends our list of the 11 hottest female professors.  These lovely ladies have what we aspire to: beauty and brains in the same package.  Who would you nominate? 
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