11 Hottest Female Professors in the Country

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6. Dr. Lisa Randall
School: Harvard University
Department: Physics
Why she’s on our list: This busy physicist manages to be the one of smartest and hottest physics professors out there.
Students say: “World's most cited Physics Professor. Quite a big thing for any lady. But this lady deserves it all.”

lisa randall harvard university

7. Dr. Renee Engeln-Maddox
School: Northwestern University
Department: Psychology
Why she’s on our list: In the Midwest, Dr. Engeln-Maddox keeps it stylish in both hot and cold weather!
Students say: “One of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I think I might minor in psychology because I loved her class so much! Totally recommend her! You have to study, but she makes the material easy to understand and so much fun!”

renee engeln-maddox northwestern university

8. Allison Jacobs
School: Georgia State University
Department: Accounting
Why she’s on our list: Hot accounting professors are few and far between, but Professor Jacobs makes it look effortless.
Students say: “This teacher is wonderful! She cares about the students and does her best to help you! Totally recommend her.”

allison jacobs georgia state university

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