5 Group Halloween Costumes For You and Your Girls

It’s hard to find a costume for Halloween that hasn’t been done a gazillion times over. It’s even harder if you’re trying to find an original group costume idea – it feels like nothing is fresh. For years people have been the Village People, the Spice Girls, cheerleaders, etc. Not only are these ideas totally over-used, but they’re outdated! It’s time to move on to newer, better things.

1. Go Back to Your Childhood 
There were some really great characters around when we were little, and most of them are easily identifiable. Take a step backward in time and go for an idea you’ve rarely, if ever, seen used. Go as Power Rangers, the Justice League, Disney Princesses, Sailor Moon and friends, or the Powerpuff Girls. Give it your own special twist and make it yours. For any superhero costume, snag some American Apparel spandex in the color of your character and draw up a few kickass insignias to pin on. Don’t forget a cape! Disney Princesses and Powerpuff Girls are easy, too – throw on a solid mini-dress in your designated color and then accessorize as needed. Jasmine, for example, gets a veil and jeweled slippers, while the Powerpuff girls get a black sash around their waists and white knee-high socks. 

2. Jersey Shore 
This is a bit of an obvious choice for Halloween this year, but a fun one nonetheless. There may be a lot of Snooki impersonators out there on Halloween night, but just make sure that your poof is the poofiest, and your tan is the deepest shade of orange. This is a great chance to send your boobs sky high in your best push-up bra, wear a skimpy leopard print dress, and bedazzle some cheap sunglasses with as many rhinestones as you can get your hands on. For this costume, as long as it’s gaudy, it’s working. This is something you can do with a few girlfriends or even get some guys involved. Bonus points if you manage to put together the whole group. 

3. Roy G. Biv 
This one is easy, and a great choice for one night of Halloween weekend. Get seven friends together and give everyone a color (or six if you want to skip the always-controversial indigo)! Together decide on what your uniforms will look like – cute, sporty, sexy, or funny? It’s up to you. Have everyone match while wearing her own color. Whether you choose t-shirts, tube socks, and sweatbands, or manage to find tube dresses in every color, it’s going to be adorable. It’s a great way to go as a group, still set yourself apart, and make your own costume. 
4. Special Forces Unit 
Take the overdone Lara Croft costume in a new, even hotter, direction. Get a few girlfriends together, at least three, and make yourself into a crime-stopping, butt-kicking, good-looking squad. Be tough, sexy, and comfortable. Wear all black, or throw on some camouflage or a safari shirtdress. Forgo the shirt and just rock a sports bra. Get some toy guns and holsters, fingerless gloves, walkie-talkies or headsets, and give yourselves a team name and a mission.

5. Girl Scouts, Brownies, Campfire Girls, etc. 
I never did Girl Scouts, but I know a few people who still have their badges. Why not wear them one more time? You can also buy costume versions of the little outfits, or be a real trailblazer and put something together on your own. If you and your friends want to match and still look as fine as ever, this could be the costume for you. Dig up a pleated skirt, a button down shirt (how you button or tie it is up to you!), and a necktie or kerchief. Throw on some cute boots or heels to show off the tiny skirt and sash!


A junior at Mount Holyoke College, Madeline is majoring in English with a minor in Art History. Currently she is serving as an editor for the MH News, as well as Social Chair for the class of 2012. Her interests include art, traveling, competitive sports, writing, reading, animals of all kinds, and spending as much time with her friends as possible. Her goals include publishing her fiction, and seeing and writing about as much of the world as possible.

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