15 Very Real Struggles Only Extroverts Will Understand

In every social scene, there is an extrovert -- and where there's an extrovert, there's a party going on. Extroverts are quick, curious and always live in the moment. It's not all peaches and cream, though. As a frequent rider of the extrovert struggle bus, there are quite a few very real drawbacks every outgoing person can relate to.

1. There's nothing holding us back.

It's like the laws of physics and social standards do not apply. We're loud, proud and can't help it.

2. We must introduce ourselves.

It's not that we need to meet everyone in the world, we just -- well, actually, yep. That's the goal.

3. Our faces are always "on."

Without even realizing it, extroverts snap into this expression comparable to a mix of Katie Couric mid-interview and Miss America hopefuls. 

4. Low-key is not a part of our vocabulary.

If we like your shirt, we're going to tell you. Then, we're going to ask you where you got it and about that time your mom lost you in that store and how that was the moment you discovered your passion for fashion and that's why you're applying for an internship at Cosmo in their beauty department and now they know your whole life story. 

5. There is no shutting us down.

Don't you dare try and rain on our parade!

6. Many extroverts tend to be crude.

If we don't think you're ready for this jelly, we'll tone it down. But don't get salty if you run into a sass master with a sailor's mouth.

7. Empathy runs deep.

Even if we have not been in your situation, we will try our best to understand what you're going through and be at your side until smoother tides ride in. The problem? We tend to get sucked into the drama of it all.

8. We often recognize people who don't recognize us.

Since making connections is our life motive, we won't forget a face. Whether it's someone we met five minutes ago or five years ago, we know who you are. And reciprocity is not always the case.

9. Emotions, emotions, emotions!

Don't come 'round here with that Marley & Me business unless you're ready for a world of waterworks.

10. If an extrovert isn't bouncing off the walls at all times, people assume there's something wrong.

A typical scenario: "Oh no, are you okay? Are you sick?" "What? No, I'm just not smiling." "You can tell me. I'm here for you." "I'm just sleepy!"

11. We get way too close to strangers.

The deli guy? Know him. That man on the bench? His daughter's studying international relations in Prague. The lady at the front desk? She's currently on day 10 of her detox and she has an uncontrollable craving for chocolate, but taking magnesium pills has helped.

12. We can't sit still in waiting rooms.

What parks are to dogs is what waiting rooms are to extroverts. So many conversations to be had, but so many boundaries that could be overstepped.

13. Family gatherings mean nonstop cacophony.

If you think one extrovert is a handful, try keeping up with a whole gaggle of them. Who knew people could be so big on small talk?

14. Introverted people are frustrating.

Try as we might, it's hard to enjoy conversing with an introvert. The challenge to open them up is intriguing, but usually results in a one-sided lecture.

15. Sore throats are the worst.

After a long day of gabbing, the ol' chatterbox gets worn out. Don't even get me started on laryngitis. 

Hi there! My name is Gabrielle, and I'm the Editor/ Campus Correspondent for the Syracuse chapter of Her Campus! I am a sophomore Television, Radio, and Film major in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. I like traveling, cinematic classics, show tunes, long walks on the beach, chocolate, chocolate on the beach, and anything pink. Go 'Cuse! HCXO <3 :)

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