15 Things Only Girls Who Have No Free Time Understand

When your life is a nonstop marathon of to-dos and deadlines, free time becomes a thing of the past. No matter how hard you try to make time for dinner with friends—or even an episode of Friends—some assignment or obligation always gets in the way. It’s a serious struggle, and the only people who truly understand are your fellow overworked collegiettes. Here are 15 things we all know to be true.

1. You can’t go on casual dates because you’re hopelessly devoted to your job

Sure, I'll grab coffee. Can you bring it to my office?

2. Your meals are always microwaveable

Boil water? Ain't nobody got time for that.

3. If people want to make plans, they have to tell you at least a week in advance

Let me check my schedule.

4. You’ve never experienced the art of binge-watching

It's sad, really.

5. You’re always carrying around half your wardrobe

Three outfit changes in one day takes some serious planning.

6. Your friends and family don’t understand why you’re so busy all the time

It's hard to explain.

7. You don’t know what happened on any show last night

Oh, I missed that episode…and the next…and the one after that.

8. Lazy days are nonexistent

Maybe when I'm 30.

9. You have no idea how anyone has enough time to keep up with the Kardashians

No, I didn't see what Kendall was wearing—nor do I have time to care.

10. You’ve mastered the art of fast walking

Step aside, I've got places to go and people to see!

11. Your friends complain about being tired when you know they got three times the amount of sleep you did

They have no idea what sleep deprivation is.

12. You take long showers because it’s one of the only times you have to yourself


13. You live in a constant state of FOMO

Please stop having fun without me.

14. You're waiting for the day when you let go of your workaholic ways

It'll happen…eventually.

15. On the rare occasion when you find some free time, you have absolutely no idea what to do with it


Now what?

Rachael David is currently a senior at Penn State University and serves as the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Penn State. She is majoring in public relations and minoring in psychology. Her love of creative writing and all things Penn State is what inspired her to become a member of the HC team in the fall of 2013. Her background experience includes working for the Undergraduate Admissions Office at Penn State as a social media intern in the spring of 2014 and is currently working as a social media intern for an internet marketing company in Harrisburg called WebpageFX. This past summer she also served as a PR intern for Tierney Communications. Rachael enjoys anything media related especially catching up on her favorite shows, including Saturday Night Live and any show on Food Network. She has a passion for food but also loves being active and spending her free time running or hiking. She hopes to gain more experience in all aspects of the media industry during college and plans on pursuing a career writing for a life & style publication in the future.

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