Development & Communications Manager

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Development & Communications Manager
New York, NY

This position reports to the CEO of She's the First and is full-time in our NYC office, starting this Fall. Salary is $55k. It's a BIG job (you'll be the voice of @shesthefirst online!) and offers an experienced professional the chance to play a leading role in building our community and brand. We are looking for someone with very specific qualifications who has a track record to back it up. This could be you if:

- you have 2-3 years experience powering an influential social media presence for a brand
- you have proven success in driving fundraising and action through grassroots campaigns
- you write amazing copy capturing a brand's voice and POV


- Experience under your belt. 2-3 years of running social media and growing audience for a brand. Your own social media is no exception—you have a meaningful personal brand.

- A good eye. You have a general understanding of what makes good design and photography because you know aesthetics matter. 

- Social skills IRL. You’ve attended conferences and events, maximizing the opportunity to network online and offline. 

- Critical thinking skills. You communicate information and calls to action across various channels in the way best suited to that platform and with the audience’s interests in mind. You work backward from the desired outcomes to create a plan, you lead internal discussions to understand stakeholders, and then make good judgment calls.

- Strong organizational skills. You put systems in place to multitask and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Your organizational skills are superb (for example, your Google Drive files are sensibly organized and color coded).

- A desire to give and receive positive and critical feedback. 


- Social media management. You’ll curate each of our social media channels with content that informs, engages, and inspires our audience. You’ll filter everything through our brand voice & POV. You’ll make sure members of our community feel connected and heard. You’ll capture analytics for reports and apply what you learn from them.

- Campaign strategy and execution. You’ll be involved in shaping strategy for our social-driven grassroots campaigns—and you’ll execute on that strategy to hit goals. This includes running our crowdsourced fundraising hub on, building web pages on Squarespace, and managing partnerships. 

- Influencer outreach. You’re able to tag and leverage members of our community, partners, and influencers to grow our reach and help new people discover STF.
Content creation. Through graphics, video, and written word, you’ll be overseeing content for the STF audience, to help them understand their impact and make getting involved easy. 

- Newsletter and email copywriting. You’ll be drafting communications that go out to our mass audience, targeted audiences, and donors. We’re looking for someone with the ability to write very clearly, with impeccable grammar, in STF’s voice. With you on the job, open rates and clicks will be increasing.

- Cross-team collaboration. Work efficiently with the programs team to crush shared goals and become an expert on our programmatic work. They're the source of your best content.

- Intern supervising. You’ll be managing our Development & Communications Intern.

- Gatekeeping. You'll take calls and meetings with external groups, particularly to vet development opportunities that need the CEO’s attention or not.

- Backing up the CEO. You can manage email responses to small/medium donors, support her in preparing materials and stories for presentations and speaking opportunities, and be her right hand in producing the annual Mentor Breakfast.
Keeping STF a leader in our space. Monitor social trends and stay abreast of appropriate hash tags and events where STF should be part of the conversation. 

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