Parcel Fall Fellowship - Fashion Tech, User Research

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Parcel Fall Fellowship - Fashion Tech, User Research
New York, NY

Parcel is an early stage consumer internet startup based in NYC. As a platform of budgeting and organization tools for young consumers, we’re setting out to cure buyer’s remorse and have been featured on Refinery29, Into the Gloss, Buzzfeed and more. 

College students are among Parcel’s most active users and there are over 150 unique colleges and universities represented in our user base. So this fall we want to return the favor by sharing with our college communities what we’ve learned about building fashion tech products (and in the process, we’re very sure we’ll learn even more).

Parcel is now accepting applications for our inaugural Fall Fellowship Program. Over the 12 week program, fellows will learn the basics of building a consumer tech business from the ground up and get a firsthand introduction to the opportunities and positions that are available at startups. The program will outline the various challenges of an early stage startup as well as present frameworks for evaluating new ideas and understanding and serving customers. Fellows will have an opportunity to engage directly with Parcel users and offer their own ideas for product development based on their interactions. Fellows will also have direct access to Parcel’s leadership team of serial entrepreneurs, which includes Harvard MBAs, former venture capitalists, Fortune 500 consultants, and engineers with decades of coding experience. They will also get first-look preference for any full-time hiring. The program can be completed remotely and part-time. 

- Fast movers
- Problem solvers
- Experimenters
- Passionate about helping consumers live their best (e-commerce) lives

- Proactive 
- Creative
- Data-curious
- Passionate about innovation, especially in the fashion tech space

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