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InfluenceHer Collective is a curated network of blogs and vlogs written by young women on fashion, beauty, cooking, fitness, design, lifestyle, and more. The Collective provides a community for influencers to share ideas and inspiration with one another and receive editorial and sponsorship opportunities from Her Campus and our partners, and provides brands with the chance to reach 2,400+ digital, millennial influencers and their audiences through sponsored blog content, social media campaigns, and more!

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Shannon Brown
Everyday Life

"Blogging has led me to some of my best friends, allowed me to make my passions a job and introduced me to an incredible community--the IHC. It's here that I found connections with people I would have never met and learned so much about women around the world."

Lauren Price

"Being a blogger isn't just about snapping countless selfies, outfit photos, etc. The thing I love most is challenging myself to create content that inspires an audience of amazing women while also sharing bits and pieces of my life. I also just love this amazing community of boss bloggers and am so #blessed to be a part of it!"

Jasmin Suknanan
College Life

"I love sharing what I've learned from my college experiences, and helping other students thrive with tips and tricks for navigating this phase of life. The IHC has introduced me to so many amazing bloggers with the same mission as me, and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to interact with them and get to know them and their journeys in the same way that they're getting to know me and my journey."

Hannah Will
College Life

"I had no idea that blogging would have such a huge impact on my life and open so many new and exciting doors for me. I've gotten the chance to work with brands that I never thought would even notice me, and I have blogging to thank for that. I love being a part of the IHC because I've found so much support in the community. Seeing the success and awesome brands other bloggers are collaborating with is super motivating and pushes me to keep growing as a blogger."




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