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The InfluenceHer Collective is a curated network of blogs and vlogs written by young women on fashion, beauty, cooking, fitness, design, lifestyle, and more. The Collective provides a community for influencers to share ideas and inspiration with one another and receive editorial and sponsorship opportunities from Her Campus and our partners, and provides brands with the chance to reach 2,700+ digital, millennial influencers and their audiences through sponsored blog content, social media campaigns, and more!

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Priyanka Patel

"I began blogging as a way to share my thoughts and connect with like-minded individuals. Bringing Glamour and Giggles to life has been so rewarding transforming it into a dream career and building relations with so many incredible people and brands. I love being a part of the IHC because they provide amazing resources and opportunities to help us bloggers achieve our goals!"

Taylor Stone

"The IHC was the first platform I've been a part of that made me feel like I could take my love for creation to the next level. By working on campaigns found through the platform, I've grown in my professional life, as well as taken some things learned, like organization and time management, and applied them to my day to day life. Being a part of the IHC community has been essential for my growth as a blogger and I can't wait to see what campaigns come through next!"

Emma Clayton

"InfluenceHer Collective has been such a great resource while blogging. I love that there's a strong community of other bloggers willing to help out or answer questions whenever I need help. Sharing one of my passions with so many other people in the IHC is really special."

Elissa Garza

"Blogging has allowed me to pave my own career path, connect with some amazing people, and be a part of some incredible communities like IHC! I'm so grateful for the connections I've made and the experiences that have presented themselves along the way."




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