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Yes, your school's science department may be one of the best in the nation and their football games may be legendary. But realistically, none of that matters on your first Friday night on campus. Your secret is safe with us – you're probably dying to explore the most alluring part of higher education, crazy college parties. Once you've scouted out a party and gathered a group of new friends to go with, it's time to head to your closet (or swap clothes with your new roomie) and put together a killer outfit for the night. Not exactly sure what flies as party attire on campus? Here's your style guide to different types of parties – plus fool-proof tips for every situation.

Frat Parties

Ah, the frat party. It's the quintessential college experience and the ultimate wardrobe conundrum. Do you opt for your slinkiest dress and sexiest heels, or do you stick to dressed-down basics? As a general rule of thumb, girls at city schools don dresses and heels for nights out more often than their rural and college town counterparts. You can also scope out your school's atmosphere by scrolling through party photos of any upperclassmen you might know. (Your RA's Facebook page might be a good place to start if you're low on older friends.) And, hey, if your outfit isn't 100% on target the first time you go out, you'll get the hang of it faster than you can say “where's the party?”

Quinn Kearney, University of Pittsburgh '13 and friends

Erica Avesian, a senior at the University of Michigan, suggests wearing club-worthy dresses or tank top and skirt combos. Go bodycon, black, or bright, but whatever you do, make sure you're decent. Pulling down a too-short skirt every time you walk is the quickest way to ruin a fun night out.

But skirts and dresses are a no-go for some girls. “Don't wear skirts,” advises Kelsey Mulvey, a junior at Boston University. “All the squatting whilst grinding up on some sweaty guy can lead to a major fashion malfunction. Also, frat boys are known to have wandering hands... can we say disgusting? My go-to outfit is a frat-friendly top (I love wearing sheer blouses) and my trusty black skinny jeans.”

Whether you opt to cover your legs from forward frat guys or not, the key to a fun night out is feeling comfortable and confident. Check out HC's frat-approved attire below for inspiration:

Left: Dress, Nasty Gal, $48. Sandals, Steve Madden, $59.99.  Tank, Modcloth, $32.99. Bandeau, Splendid, $36.  Jeans, Levi's, $78.  Pumps, Jessica Simpson, $89. 


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