3 Great Reasons to Take a Gap Year & 3 Bad Reasons To Take a Gap Year

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Why You Should Not Consider A Gap Year

You Want to Travel the European Party Circuit

Yes, it is exciting and appealing that in Europe the social scene is open to a younger crowd, but this should not be your only plan for your gap year! Traveling is great and so is being social, but be sure to include more cultural experiences besides the club culture. Every city has its hidden gems, so go out and find them! [http://www.notfortourists.com/] Explore, wander and ask questions. Traveling and gap years are also expensive; so don’t waste the opportunity by spending all of your time out late and sleeping all day.

You Were Rejected From Your Top College

It can feel life-ending when you receive that rejection letter from your number one choice. Why didn’t they choose me? What did I do wrong? All valid questions, but their decision (in most cases) is final, so it’s time to move forward. If you were accepted to other schools, congratulations! After a brief mourning period and a pint of Ben & Jerry's, it's time to pick yourself up, dust off those college brochures, and get excited about college. It's normal to be upset about getting rejected from your first choice school, but postponing going to college entirely will just make you feel worse. Your best bet is to make the most of life at a different school. By the time you set foot on campus, you might realize your so-called “safety school” is actually the school of your dreams. If not, keep your grades high and put in transfer applications.

It Sounds Good on a Resume

A gap year can be a great point of interest on your resume, but it shouldn't be your defining feature. Chances are, you have at least 18 years of other noteworthy experiences to share with a potential employer. Make your time last and do what you love, not what you think someone else would want to hear about.

Choosing to take a gap year is a big decision that takes thought, planning and money, so weigh your options wisely, pre-collegiettes!

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