10 Things We Wish We Knew the Summer Before College

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4. Know the challenges of a long-distance relationship.

“I wish I'd known before college how much pressure [college] can put on long-distance relationships. I was aware and I'd heard stories, but to experience it was a completely different feeling.” - Jessica Salerno, Campus Correspondent, Ohio University, Class of 2013

Jessica recommends talking about what you expect out of the relationship, and how you expect each other to act toward other guys or girls while in school. “It’s so easy to get jealous over small things when you're missing each other and don't know when you'll be together again,” she says. Miscommunication over these kinds of issues has the potential to turn into a fight, or multiple fights, over the phone. Jessica also suggests being accepting of changes and growth both in yourself and in your boyfriend.  “You might not want in four months what you want now, so go in with an open mind and a strong heart,” she adds.

5. Know your status with the guy you’re hanging out with - be careful about jumping to conclusions.
“I wish I would have known that yes, there are plenty of fish in the sea as the saying goes, but not to fall for every single guy who looks my way. Even if a guy treats you like a princess the moment you meet him, you should not expect anything more than a hookup if he brings you home that night.” - Erica Avesian, Contributing Writer, University of Michigan, Class of 2013

Freshman year you’ll be exposed to a whole new crop of adorable guys. As Erica warns, however, not every one that smiles at you will be your new boyfriend. There’s no harm in meeting new people, or new guys, but be careful about falling for someone too quickly in the rush of all the college excitement.

6. Wait to buy your textbooks.

“You may think you need to buy every textbook required, and it may even be exciting going shopping for all of your books before the quarter, but wait to buy your books until after the first day of class. Then, you have the syllabus and know if you actually need them. Also, check Amazon - I bought a book this quarter that would have cost $30 from the university's bookstore, and I got it for about $5.00, including shipping.” - Avalon Willows, Campus Correspondent, University of Washington, Class of 2013

Avalon recommends checking out textbook rentals at your own university bookstore, as well as Chegg.com. “They plant a tree for every book you rent,” she says. If it’s a textbook for your major, you may want to hold on to it for reference in future classes. As for books for electives, you may be able to sell to a classmate taking the class the next semester, or sell it back to Amazon. Half.com (part of Ebay) is also a good option.

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