10 Colleges You Might Not Have Considered (but you should!)

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Colorado College
Colorado Springs, CO

Undergrad: about 2,000 students

Location: Gym shoes are a must! CC, as the locals call it, is located in Colorado Springs at the base of Pikes Peak (part of the Rocky Mountains). Students use their location to their advantage by climbing, biking and hiking in their off time. Student-run programs offer backpacking, skiing and kayaking excursions. 

Why It’s Great: CC is on the “Block Plan,” meaning a student takes just one class every three-and-a-half weeks. Not to mention students get mini vacations each month called “Block Breaks”—four-and-a-half-day breaks to recharge before a new course.
Awards: CC is a leader in innovative teaching. The Breaking Bread program reimburses teachers for hosting student dinners in their homes. Each year, there are about 200 total events.
Fun Fact: All first-year students complete a four-day service trip before freshman year.

Colorado College, View from Pike's Peak
A View of Pike's Peak from Colorado College 

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