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10 Colleges You Might Not Have Considered (but you should!)

Posted Aug 13 2011 - 12:00am

College. It’s the big question mark in most of your minds right now. How are you supposed to know where you want to spend the next four years? There are so many options when it comes to choosing schools that it’s hard to keep them all straight—big, small, public, private, liberal arts, pre-professional. The decision haunts you throughout junior and senior year and as if that’s not bad enough, people will not stop asking, “So what schools are you looking at?”
For most of you, college advisors, teachers, friends and parents are your source of information on potential schools. Often, popular schools are at the top of the list and lesser-known colleges are overlooked. We’ve all heard of Harvard, Yale and the Big Ten, but those aren’t the only great schools out there. Her Campus has compiled a list of great colleges you may not have heard of or considered, because it’s always good to have more options...


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