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Her Campus's 2012 College Rankings

Posted Jul 17 2012 - 12:00am
Posted Jul 17 2012 - 12:00am

Here at HC, we’re plugged into what’s going on at colleges across the country. With a team of over 3,000 students at more than 200 colleges and universities contributing to our site, we’ve got the inside scoop on who’s doing (and not doing) what, where. So with the new school year rapidly approaching, we thought it only appropriate to stack the schools… Her Campus-style. 

Read on for Her Campus’s 2012 College Rankings, where we’ll tell you which schools are most Presidential, who’s Instagram-ing out the wazoo, where you can find the bro-iest bros, the most attractive guys, the most mouth-watering food and much, much more.

Rankings Edit, Fact-Check and Design Team – Stephanie Kaplan, Annie Wang, Jake Duhaime, Kema Christian-Taylor, Sammie Levin, Michelle Lewis, Kate Moriarty, Bridget Cohen, Allison Hojsak, Kelsey Thorn

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