The Her Campus Blogger Network

The Her Campus Blogger Network (HCBN) is a curated network of blogs written by young women on fashion, beauty, cooking, fitness, design, lifestyle, and more.  The HCBN provides a community for the bloggers to share ideas and inspiration with one another and receive editorial and sponsorship opportunities from Her Campus and our partners, and provides brands with the chance to reach 500+ digital influencers and their audiences through product distribution and sponsored posts.

You may also be eligible for our Her Campus Premier Blogger Network, a group for more experienced bloggers with higher followings. This will be determined based on the information you submit in your application!

We are currently accepting applications for the Her Campus Blogger Network - apply here!

What some of our Blogger Network members are saying:

"This network has literally given me introduction to some of the most caring, amazing, wonderful ladies that I would've never been able to meet otherwise. I love the opportunities that we're given with brands, but the friendships that I have made are irreplaceable and I love it." - Allison Perkins, allisonleighann

"It has been such a wonderful experience being part of the HCBN; my blog has grown exceptionally, I've learned how to interact with brands more, and the support from the other bloggers is amazing. I love the HCBN! - Briana Luca, Royally Pink

"Joining the Her Campus Blogger Network is one of the best decisions I've ever made. It has truly opened so many doors for me. Plus, I've met some amazing bloggers and developed invaluable friendships." - Emma Tilton, It's Emma Elise

"I love being a part of the HCBN because it allows me to gain tips and tricks from some ridiculously experienced bloggers. Sharing ideas with other bloggers and getting feedback is such an awesome part of being a HCBN member." - Kailey Grubb, In A K Way


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Tiffany Khyla White

Shreveport, Louisiana

Endless Bliss

Book, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel

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After stumbling upon a list of 50 ways to change your life, I decided to start blogging, and I had no idea how huge of an impact it would have on my life. I love being happy and sharing that happiness with as many people as possible, and blogging has provided me with a way to do that. It’s helped me gain confidence, realize my passions, and form friendships with people around the world. HCBN was one of the first blogging networks that I joined, and most of my success has to do with the connections I’ve made through the network.

My blog focuses on living a happy lifestyle by embracing your true self and doing the things that make you happy. I love sharing all of the positivity that the world has to offer!

Annie Robinson

Toronto, Ontario - Queen's University

Fashion & Beauty Inc

Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, Lifestyle, Street Style

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I love blogging because it is a way for me to express my passion for fashion online with a community of artists who share my interests. I would describe my blog, Fashion & Beauty Inc, as a chic collision of fashion, style, beauty, lifestyle, fitness and travel blog posts centred around all the things I adore.

I love being a part of the Her Campus Blogger Network because not only has it led me to some incredible opportunities to work with fabulous brands, it has also allowed me to work with wonderfully inspiring individuals within the blogosphere. I absolutely love the HCBN and truly do feel as though it has shaped my blog in amazing ways. I have learnt so much from Her Campus and have been able to grow as a blogger through this network.

Tia Gallinaro

Boston, MA - Boston University 2017

Big City Tyro

Fashion, Lifestyle

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I started my blog last summer hoping it would be a fun way to document my adventures as a college freshman and “Big City Tyro”. Since then, blogging has become a scrapbook of my life where I can preserve memories, flex my creative muscles, and connect with fellow college students, millennials, and HC bloggers!

I want my blog to grow into a positive, relatable place where the HC collegiette can go to be inspired.

Rebecca Fernandez

Miami, FL - University of Miami 2016

The City Slicker Blog

Fashion, Lifestyle

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Growing up in such a big and fast-paced city like Miami, I know how difficult it is to discover every great thing that the city has to offer. I became fascinated with the way lifestyle and professionalism is intertwined in the grown-up world.

The City Slicker helps you catch all the latest fashion, hot spots, food and people that would otherwise be uncatchable. The City Slicker attracts so many different people, with so many different interests, and talks about everything that Miami has to offer.