The Her Campus Blogger Network

The Her Campus Blogger Network (HCBN) is a curated network of blogs written by young women on fashion, beauty, cooking, fitness, design, lifestyle, and more.  The HCBN provides a community for the bloggers to share ideas and inspiration with one another and receive editorial and sponsorship opportunities from Her Campus and our partners, and provides brands with the chance to reach 500+ digital influencers and their audiences through product distribution and sponsored posts.

You may also be eligible for our Her Campus Premier Blogger Network, a group for more experienced bloggers with higher followings. This will be determined based on the information you submit in your application!

We are currently accepting applications for the Her Campus Blogger Network - apply here!

What some of our Blogger Network members are saying:

"This network has literally given me introduction to some of the most caring, amazing, wonderful ladies that I would've never been able to meet otherwise. I love the opportunities that we're given with brands, but the friendships that I have made are irreplaceable and I love it." - Allison Perkins, allisonleighann

"It has been such a wonderful experience being part of the HCBN; my blog has grown exceptionally, I've learned how to interact with brands more, and the support from the other bloggers is amazing. I love the HCBN! - Briana Luca, Royally Pink

"Joining the Her Campus Blogger Network is one of the best decisions I've ever made. It has truly opened so many doors for me. Plus, I've met some amazing bloggers and developed invaluable friendships." - Emma Tilton, It's Emma Elise

"I love being a part of the HCBN because it allows me to gain tips and tricks from some ridiculously experienced bloggers. Sharing ideas with other bloggers and getting feedback is such an awesome part of being a HCBN member." - Kailey Grubb, In A K Way


If you are a brand interested in working with the Her Campus Blogger Network to market yourself, email

Alicia Chew

Washington, D.C.

Alicia Tenise

Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

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After interning at a few different fashion companies in NYC, I decided to launch my blog as a way to immerse myself in the fashion industry even more. The brands that I've been able to work with and the friendships I've formed have made a huge impact on my life.

Joining HCBN was one of the best blogging decisions I've made. From networking to brand collaborations, Her Campus has been one of my favorite organizations to work with. I am honored to be in a network with so many other gifted young bloggers who inspire me everyday!

Victoria Norris

Memphis, Tennessee - Rhodes College 2018

Memphis Made

Beauty, College, Lifestyle

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The HCBN has opened several doors for me and helped me expand my blog and network with other women within the network and out of it. My blog has been a creative outlet and helped me learn how to brand myself while taking pride in my hard work.

I am grateful for the HCBN and all of the opportunities it has given me through various campaigns and just getting to know more women in the blogging industry.

Chelsea Olivia

Vancouver, BC Canada

Olive & Ivy

Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

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I love blogging because of the wonderful sense of community. I have never been someone that has had close girl friends because I don't like the drama that often comes with it, but through blogging I have met some girl friends who are extremely supportive and drama-free, and it's amazing!

On Olive & Ivy you'll find real life, wearable outfits and some life happenings.

Sarah Grace Spann

Fort Myers, FL - University of Florida 2015

Fresh Fit N Healthy

Fitness, Healthy Food

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Realizing that my greatest passion in life was to help others live a healthy and fit lifestyle like I loved to do myself, I created Fresh Fit N Healthy. Packed with healthy yet delicious recipes, Fresh Fit N Healthy illustrates the truth that eating nutritious doesn't have to be tasteless, but instead, it can be TASTY!

Check out Fresh Fit N Healthy to see all the delicious yet healthy recipes being made by a college student!