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The Her Campus Blogger Network (HCBN) is a curated network of blogs written by young women on fashion, beauty, cooking, fitness, design, lifestyle, and more.  The HCBN provides a community for the bloggers to share ideas and inspiration with one another and receive editorial and sponsorship opportunities from Her Campus and our partners, and provides brands with the chance to reach 500+ digital influencers and their audiences through product distribution and sponsored posts.

You may also be eligible for our Her Campus Premier Blogger Network, a group for more experienced bloggers with higher followings. This will be determined based on the information you submit in your application!

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What some of our Blogger Network members are saying:

"This network has literally given me introduction to some of the most caring, amazing, wonderful ladies that I would've never been able to meet otherwise. I love the opportunities that we're given with brands, but the friendships that I have made are irreplaceable and I love it." - Allison Perkins, allisonleighann

"It has been such a wonderful experience being part of the HCBN; my blog has grown exceptionally, I've learned how to interact with brands more, and the support from the other bloggers is amazing. I love the HCBN! - Briana Luca, Royally Pink

"Joining the Her Campus Blogger Network is one of the best decisions I've ever made. It has truly opened so many doors for me. Plus, I've met some amazing bloggers and developed invaluable friendships." - Emma Tilton, It's Emma Elise

"I love being a part of the HCBN because it allows me to gain tips and tricks from some ridiculously experienced bloggers. Sharing ideas with other bloggers and getting feedback is such an awesome part of being a HCBN member." - Kailey Grubb, In A K Way

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Kriselle Mendoza

Costa Mesa, CA - Vanguard University 2015

Livin' and Lovin'

Beauty, Faith, Fashion, Food, Love

Blogging is my outlet that allows me to relax, talk about what I want, and share my thoughts on anything and everything. My blog's name is exactly how I live my life--to live it and love it.

The Her Campus Blogger Network has opened so many doors for me to work with so many different people and to meet bloggers that have now become great friends of mine as a result. I am so happy to have been able to work with this Network and watch it grow.

Kaila Proulx

Buffalo, NY - Canisius College 2016

Healthy Helper

Food, Fitness, Health

My blog is the perfect mix of food, fun, and fitness! It encompasses all the things I am passionate about and has allowed me to connect with so many like-minded individuals. The most rewarding part of blogging for me is when readers reach out and say I've inspired them in some way to live healthy!

I am a great example of how you can live healthily and happily in college while still juggling all your other obligations. I often feature recipes and workouts that are perfect for a busy college student. I love inspiring other undergrads to adopt healthy habits, and writing about my own experiences on my blog is a great way to express myself.

Jessica Steffan

Pittsburgh, PA

Bookworms in Dresses

Books, Fashion, Lifestyle

I started blogging to share my love of books and advice with other people and hopefully get others to start reading more! My blog is the rambles of a bookworm trying to figure out how to be an adult.

Just being out of college, I'm trying to find my "land legs" and get a job in my field while figuring out how to be in a successful long-term relationship. I feel like I have a lot in common with other girls in our generation and I want to share my experiences with more people!

Dara R.

Dallas, TX

The Southern Thing


The Southern Thing started when I was living in the North, 1,400 miles away from everyone and everything I knew. Since then, I have returned to the South, but the adventure continues. I like to share my love for my deep south Louisiana roots, shopping, fashion, beauty, food, and decor. I've been through many life changes and new chapters over the past few short years, and it is my hope that someone can take away something valuable from those experiences.

Blogging has brought me nothing but positivity and friendships, and the blogging community is filled with love and support. As part of the Her Campus Blogger Network, I know I will always have someone to count on, whether it be to hear a funny story or receive valuable advice. The community is always there to help.

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