Pick It or Skip It: Grab-and-Go Breakfasts for the Busy Collegiette

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Caffeine-dependent Collegiette
Not a breakfast fan but haveto snag your caffeine fix first thing in the morning? From mochas and cappuccinos to lattes and frappes, how are we supposed to know what they all mean?! The caffeine-laden menu is easier to navigate than you might think.
Pick: 16oz latte with skim milk
The standard latte is always a good choice when going for a morning drink with a little bulk.  It not only fulfills your caffeine needs, but it also gives you substantial amounts of protein and calcium for only 130 calories! Try to hold back on too much sugar, though, and opt for a sugar-free syrup add-in instead.

Skip:  Iced coffee with cream and sugar
Black coffee is the purest way of getting that liquid caffeine, but as we’re not all partial to its taste, we like to load on the cream and sugar. A study conducted by the World Cancer Research Fund looked at products at popular chains such as Starbucks and found that iced coffees can contain up to 450 calories each, with most clocking in at around 200. “This is the amount of calories you might expect to have in an evening meal, not in a drink,” says Dr. Rachel Thompson, the science program manager at the WRCF.  And for all those calories, you’re barely getting any nutrients (and it still doesn’t taste that great).


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