The Lunch Report: 6 Steps to Your Perfect Lunch

I look forward to lunch. Everyday, whether I’m coming from class, catching lunch in the cafeteria at my internship, or going out (which I particularly anticipate). What I don’t enjoy is the money missing from my account and the way-too-full, time-to-nap sensation that occurs after I’ve devoured a hasty decision. Cara Eisenpress, Co-Founder of Big Girls, Small Kitchen and bonafide health foodie, explains the precursor to the comatose phenom: “When your stomach starts growling at noon, unhealthy cravings show up. It’s the worst way to start a meal, roaming the streets looking for a satisfactory lunch.”

Somewhere in the repressed section of my brain, I’ve always known brown-bagging it is a healthy and thrifty alternative, but visions of cold sandwiches and sad fruit cups kept me in denial. Not anymore. Here, Eisenpress offers the entire manual: packing tips coupled with the best tasting and easiest to construct healthy lunch recipes for full-on lunch nirvana.

The best part of packing? “The ability to control what goes into your body,” Eisenpress declares. Chances are that lunch hour will bring you face-to-face with fast food and comfort grub, whether you’re at the dining hall or downtown. Packing a meal allows you to “perfectly customize to your tastes, appetite, and dietary restrictions,” Eisenpress explains. Plan ahead, and you can count on a portion of satisfying fare that won’t bog you down.


Alana Peden handles public relations for the one-of-a-kind Austin startup SpareFoot.  Her interests span from how to wield a mascara wand to the intricacies of the 3-4 defense, as does her writing repertoire. She has interned in the beauty departments at Lucky and Good Housekeeping, covered college athletics for Horns Illustrated, and contributed gleefully to Texas Music. Always game for a laugh at her own expense, Alana aspires to one day give the universe back a scintilla of what it gives to her. When she's not reading or writing,  she's planning elaborate outfits for hypothetical situations unlikely to materialize. 

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