How to Get in Shape For Spring Break: Your 3-Week Plan

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Diet plays a part too...
eating healthy You can work out as much as you want but if you’re chowing down on super greasy fast food, you’re not going to see the body you want. Oregon’s rule of thumb: “stick with natural foods and nuts, such as almonds, and think of eating foods that are the color of the rainbow: leafy greens, salmon, berries, apples.” Sherman also suggests eating foods loaded with whole grains. Eating whole grains “releases energy slower over the course of the day, and prevents rapid changes in blood sugar (which equals hunger),” says Sherman.
To ensure a flat stomach in time for spring break (or even when you’re relaxing on the beach), “totally cut out soda, candy, alcohol (especially beer),” Sherman advises.
And—do I really need to tell you?—drink water. “There are numerous benefits to water—it helps the skin, muscles, and will make you feel much better than any carbonated beverage!” True says. Plus, it will keep you hydrated during your workouts.
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Don’t fear the bikini; show off your toned body! Oregon, True, and Sherman agree that three weeks is hardly enough time to completely change your body, but the thing to focus on is having a healthy body you are proud of. And, of course, feeling confident and having a blast on spring break!

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