5 Fun Ways to Burn Off Thanksgiving Dinner Calories

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Although my favorite part of Thanksgiving is gorging on my grandma’s delicious cranberry and walnut stuffing, I can’t help but worry about the toll the huge dinner takes on my waistline. An average Thanksgiving dinner consists of more than 3,000 calories and 229 grams of fat, according to the American Council on Exercise. With winter formals (and bandage dresses) right around the corner, it is important to “de-stuff” after the big meal. Her Campus found fun ways to trim the turkey fat:
1. Hit the Gym
working out gym fitness center exercise elliptical cardio machine cardiovascular workout girls at the gymKeep your eyes open for special Turkey Burn classes at your local gym during Thanksgiving break! Whether you take spinning or step aerobics, these fun workouts are a great way to “de-stuff.” Check to see if your local gym offers free passes or guest memberships during Thanksgiving break!
Calories Burned— Depends on how rigorous your workout is. Aim to burn about 300 calories during a one-hour spin class, which translates to a slice of apple pie!
2. Reconnect
Since you are visiting home after a semester away, invite some of your friends from high school for a walk around the neighborhood. Biking or rollerblading are also great options since the fall foliage is so beautiful! This is a great opportunity to share crazy college stories and reminisce about the adventures you had together growing up. If you were planning on just hanging out in your friend’s basement or sitting at a coffee shop, pick an activity that will loosen your belt instead!
Calories Burned— Walking briskly for an hour burns about 250 calories, or ½ cup of cranberry sauce and a cup of mixed vegetables.

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