This Woman Wants to Look Like Wonder Woman So Badly She's Had 6 Ribs Removed

This 27-year-old woman has had 200 procedures—including removing six of her ribs (yikes!)—in an attempt to look like a cartoon character. On UK's This Morning, Pixee Fox explained why she changed her image so drastically. 

"To be honest, I was against plastic surgery," Fox said. "'Cause for me it was never that I didn't like how I looked. It was just this vision I had of myself in my head." Fox said her vision is a result of her artistic nature. "I started modeling. Then I just started to realize, the vision I had of myself in my head doesn't really match the images." 

"Actually, you know, now it's got to the extent that for me it's no longer about just creating a certain look. I don't do this for vanity," Fox said. "For me I see myself as a science project. I am basically a pioneer in the beauty industry. I'm pushing the beauty industry forward. I was the first one in the world to remove six of my ribs."

"Pioneer in the beauty industry" might be a stretch for someone who took out ribs that were protecting her internal organs. Fox wears a corset, which she said is like "an external rib cage." Umm, not quite.

If you're still confused as to why Fox would do this, don't worry—I'm right there with you. Fox has over 400k followers on her Instagram, and she calls herself "The Living Cartoon." Wonder Woman and Disney princesses seem to be particularly inspiring to her. 


Not a look alike, just inspiration. I Love cartoons

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While Fox claims her health is not an issue as a result of the procedures, I can't say I'm convinced. 

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